Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blooming Marvellous!!

What better way to add a bit of cheer to your day than with daisies?

I found this dress in a weird second-hand shop in Newtown that had closed down and disappeared two weeks later when I went back.

My friend Alex saw me pull it off the rack and said 'Absolutely Not!'...and with the loud daisy pattern I concede it does look a bit like an escapee from the Brady Bunch costume wardrobe!

Once I put it on though, he warmed to it and I like it on too.... especially because of the unusual cut-out neck detail.


While posing in the garden, I found a lemon off our tree and decided it would be my new accessory....

It colour-coordinated so well!

I'm wearing:

 - Vintage daisy dress thrifted in Newtown
 - Yellow PVC belt from local op-shop
 - Sunglasses from ASOS
 - Platforms from  Glassons

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dear Santa & Shoe Rant

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year!

Well thats a big lie, of course I havent. But if for some reason you feel like being nice to me anyway here is my dream list of accessories.

These snazzy Wang cat-eye sunnies have been top of my list for some time:

Like any fat girl, Beth Ditto is of course, my style icon. So the fact that I just spied a pic of her wearing these Wangs, pretty much sealed the deal on their must-have status for me!

Beth and her GF. Source Frances Lockie's Tumblr

A little lobster would never go astray either:

Oh and Santa - if you could please make my giant feet smaller, that would be much appreciated too! Then I could get these awesome Bitchy and Underground collobaration metallic platform creeper boots from Bitching and Junkfood:

Or if you could perhaps get more cool footwear to go up to larger sizes that would be much appreciated too!

It's so not fair that more places don't....I know heaps of people with feet my size (a wide Aus 10 or a small 11) and yet there are so few places that make shoes that bloody cater to us!

The particularly shitty thing is that clothes can easily be sewn, or smaller sizes squeezed into or styled differently for a different look. Shoes however, are not so easy to make at home! And after many many attempts to do so, I can assure you that squeezing into a smaller size is NEVER a good idea!

My feet are permanently covered in blisters or scars from shoes that rub in one place or another. I just have to rotate shoes regularly - less for style than to share the pain around!

One place that seems to have cool styles in larger sizes is Barefoot Tess: an American store with a huge range of larger sized shoes from brands including 80%20, Irregular Choice and Jeffrey Campbell.

Some of the pieces I really like (and really dont need given that most of them are booties and it's summer here...)

I wish there were more places like Barefoot Tess. I havent shopped there yet as I am so tricky to fit for shoes, I am nervous about paying the cost of shipping them from the states, only to find out that they don't fit. I will have to try them out soon though....maybe will have to see if Santa gets them to do a good post-xmas sale....

They also have 30% off the Barefoot Tess homebrand at the mo using the code BFT30 - so if anyone'e keen, shop now to snap up a bargain!

Thanks Santa - from Miss Evie xx

Friday, December 9, 2011

Colourful Knits for Miserable Weather

It has been unseasonably friggin freezing for the last week or so in Sydney. Highly bizarre - I feel like I'm back in London freezing my tits off like last Christmas.

Christmas and December in Australia is normally a time for sweating like crazy and wearing the bare minimum!

As it is though, it has been rather chilly. Rather than moan about it though, I took it as a good excuse to break out this lil baby that I picked up at a local op-shop a while ago.

Don't you love the crazy loud 80s pattern? Very OTT! I think it significantly cheers up the chilly weather - as well as keeping me nice and warm!

I'm wearing:

 - 80s Pink Knitted Sweater Dress from Vinnies - $15
 - Black platform ankle wedge boots from Target
 - Sunglasses from Sportsgirl

Noice. Different. Un - ewe - sual!!

****PS. I forgot to mention - Gisela Ramirez has launched a sale with 50% off everything on her site! Shop now to snap up some bargain Christmas gifts.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finders Keepers Markets & Op Shopping Madness

Yesterday was a little alternative shopping tour of Sydney with my cousin and my houseguest Erin who has recently arrived in Sydney from London where she worked with me at and is of course now rather cash-strapped as happens to all of us after doing the obligatory 2 year stint in London.

So, what better way to introduce her to Sydney then to drag her to a smelly op-shop warehouse that is so cheap, you actually pay for stuff by the kilo?

I first read about the Anglicare sorting depot on Fashion Hayley's blog and have been fantisizing about it for a while but I thought it was the perfect little shopping venture into the inner west for when you're short on cash.....

Here is my cousin Kate, grudgingly posing out the front of the depot which is hidden behind a cute art deco block of flats.

Please note her fabulous tunic dress which she has sewn out of some of the awesome African fabric I brought back with me from Brixton, my old home in London.

It just goes to show that all you need is a really simple pattern with this kind of fabric as the vibrant pattern themselves make such a statement, you only need something simple to show them off!

Inside the warehouse sorting depot.

They had giant bins of stuff for you to go through, all at the completely unsorted stage when all donations arrive but before thyre organized and sent out to the various shops around Sydney.

It was fun, but it was hard work too because it was such chaos! I really feel I would have needed to stay all day to see everything but then I would have driven everyone else insane....

Shoe Chaos!

Erin on the hunt for trousers....

In the end, all I got was yet more fabric to add to my already ridiculous collection! Erin snapped a few cool pieces though including some funky oversized trousers and dresses.

Next stop after Summer Hill.....

The Finders Keepers Markets at Eveleigh Carriageworks....

For the uninitiated, Finders Keepers is a fantastic event that showcases some amazing work by some of Australia's best young designers and artists and the best part is - it's all for sale!

Trouble is, as it's only twice a year, it can get rather chaotic as you can see:

It's great to see so many people out supporting independent artists though! And if you can't face the crowds, they also have a fantastic website with tons of designer profiles, galleries and contact details as well as any online stores set up by the designers.

It's a fantastic opportunity to pick up some unique and quirky designs such as these:

There was also live entertainment....

My friend Hannah: in bonnet

Me modelling a hat: looks like I've escaped from a regatta at Henley-on-Thames
Excellent shop name!
Dream weavers: So hot right now
Collar shaped necklaces made from varying materials such as wood and leather seemed to be a big thing as every second stall was selling them....
Hand carved brooches were also in abundance...
And here is what Miss Evie wore:

Now I know you've seen the Gisela Ramirez F*ck Flattering tee before but today I'm wearing it with a whole bunch of more recent acquisitions.

Most noteworthy items include my fabulous new Giant Dinosaur necklace from Tatty Devine:

This necklace got so many compliments throughout the day. I love their stuff so much! I also have my eye on the giant red lobster necklace....very Gaga...very Evie!!!!

My other new arrival in the post from London this week (which I've hardly taken off since):

Pointed Blue Suede Creepers by Underground London from ASOS:

Aren't they beautiful????

They're men shoes which I think is actually exactly what I need for my giant size 11 (UK9) feet.

I have been having so much shoe trouble lately and seem to be constantly bleeding or blistering from some painful size 10 shoe or another that I've let some sadist shoe salesperson talk me into. It's such a relief to wear something comfortable for a change! And with the giant creeper soles, they are extra squishy and comfy!

I have to admit, I did initially try the women's ones first as I desperately wanted these triple sole ones that are only available in women's sizes:

Alas though, I had to silence my inner Spice Girl as I could not squish my feet into the largest size. I am very happy with the men's ones though. They're extra wide and comfy and I love the loud blue colour!

One of my size 11 clodhoppers seems to almost eclipse two of Erin's teeny size 4s!

I thought they worked well with the sheer spotty mesh of my new maxi skirt too from, yup, you guessed it...ASOS!

All in all, it was a fun shopping day.

I even snapped up an uber-cute foxy necklace from Leeloo:

Foxy Necklace. 

For a handmade item, this was a bargain at $35 and as well as satisfying my penchant for giant necklaces, it also acts as a handy storage pouch!

 You can pick up one too online as Leeloo have a really good online store and a funky blog too.

Bye for now! From me and my foxy boobs.....