Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Filthy Rich and Barking Mad!

Daphne Guinness:

Imagine having a wardrobe like that!

Daphne Guinness: Undressed on Nowness.com.

I doubt I will ever be as rich as her, but I certainly aspire to being just as fabulous and just as bonkers!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rediscovering Fashion and Fabric

Hi there!!!

Well obviously this is my first post. I'm Evie: a 20-something fashion-lover who loves a bargain and loves to sew.

I recently returned home to Sydney from London where I was living and working for two years for a very well-known luxury fashion company. It has now been quite a while since I picked up a needle and thread, generally preferring the easier option of perusing high-street versions of high-fashion designs.

Arriving home to Australia I was a little disappointed to find a far smaller variety of funky fashion available to the average person on the street than what was available in London. Customers are definitely a lot more spoiled for choice in the high street there!

Of course, we still have the option of shopping online from plenty of international websites and trust me, I certainly do that too! As I’m a size 18 it can be hard to find stylish goodies that fit in the high street – I’m pretty good at it though and look forward to sharing any funky plus-size finds I come across.

Meantime though, I’m rather broke as I’ve found myself jobless and back at home, however this could be a blessing in disguise as it has lead to me rediscover my enormous collection of vintage fabrics that I've been hoarding for years:

After having stashed it under Mum's house for the past few years while I was travelling, it was getting rather mouldy and smelly and Mum was very keen for me to get rid of it: "You're never going to use any of it! Your too scared to cut into any of it - it just sits there!".

I couldn't bear to part with my amazing collection though! Although it had no great monetary value, it was compiled from years of op-shopping. $1 here, $2.50 there...and each piece of fabric held the promise of some amazing new project to come. Some stunning loud dress or skirt to be worn to some fantasy occasion at which I would exude fabulosity....

It’s that same feeling you get when you buy a new piece of clothing: "Yes, this dress is perfect for the ballet....or the theatre...or some fabulous soiree on a yacht..." you convince yourself that your life will be complete when you purchase this dress and that you will suddenly transform into some perfect person who attends ballet and theatre and has friends that apparently own yachts...and throw parties on them.

In reality, you know that will never happen. What happens instead is that it will sit in your closet accruing moth-holes until one drunken DVD night with your best gay friend who will convince you to drag it out and "put it on immediately, it's fabulous - why are you hiding it?" when you will end up dancing round in it to Lady Gaga in your living room and dribbling red wine all over it!

Anyway, I felt guilty as my fabulous fabric collection – although red-wine free, has being similarly neglected and so, determined to prove my mother wrong I've spent the last few weeks sorting through the whole collection.

I've been washing it out and airing it in the backyard to kill of the mould and can now proudly say, I've brought it all back to life!

Psychedelic Hills Hoist

As there were so many crazy loud patterns, I had to wash them in colour-coordinated loads so they wouldn't all run into each other. I don't know what the neighbours thought about the temporary psychedelic redecoration of the backyard....the blue load above looks a little like the blood-soaked remnants of some kind of Smurf-massacre.

Nonetheless, I now have a fabulous stash of material ready to be transformed into some fabulous piece of couture!

So come and join me as I lust after catwalk looks, rummage through op-shops, chase stylish plus-size looks and cut into (and probably ruin) this sexy-licious array of fabrics to transform them into fashionable pieces of fabulosity!

Who cares if you can’t afford (or fit into) high-fashion? Take what you’ve got and work it, own it, use it!