Friday, July 29, 2011

Bring on the Brash

Ok, so I left a bit of a gap since my maiden posting but it’s time to get this baby underway!

I just HAD to show off this awesome brash and bold dress I scored at a local Vinnies store during the week (that’s the charity shop St Vincent De Paul for the uninitiated).

Rockdale Vinnies has an awesome retro section which is a bit of a cheat as it takes away the thrill of finding a vintage gem in a pile of moth-eaten crap. Nonetheless someone’s obviously gone to a lot of trouble to sort the retro gold from the main range of stock and it’s fun to go through.

They had quite a collection of dainty little dresses that wouldn’t go anywhere near my waist but instead I found this great little number for $12 – it had never been worn and still had the original 1980s price-tag attached! It’s by a brand called “Faces”, is made in Australia and the original price was $49 (that’s pretty pricey for the 80s isn’t it?)

Now it may appear to be a bit 50s in shape but I’ve actually done a bit of sneaky refashioning. It was originally floor-length with the top blue and red part of the dress designed to go down much lower with the waistband around the hips and the skirt flaring out from under there. In other words 1980s frumpy disaster!

All I did though was unpick it at the waistband and chopped off about 15cm off the bottom of the top. I then reattached the skirt at waist height where it makes a real waist feature of that crazy geometric fabric.

The Outfit:
- Refashioned 80s dress from Vinnies
- Sunglasses from ASOS- Yellow necklace thrifted years ago for $1.
- Ballet flats from Rubi Shoes for $5 (I have a million pairs of these – one in every colour)
- Awesome fluro-beaded peacock bag – another ancient op-shop find

Its funny as it looks like it was almost designed to be worn this way whereas in its original 1980s form it was way too small. That waistband wouldnt’ve gone anywhere near my hips and the top was designed to be worn oversized.

I think it looks much better this way! How about you?