Saturday, August 6, 2011

Brightenin’ up the Burbs

Why be dull just because it’s a Saturday morning in suburbia being dragged hardware shopping by my Mum? I did probably get a few strange looks in the aisles of Bunnings in my brightly coloured attire : )

My casual Saturday Outfit with a splash of colour:

The dress is definitely the hero of this outfit! Found it at an op-shop in the Shire a few weeks back. It was originally a lot frumpier as the hem went down to the ankles and was generally a bit dowdy. I was attracted to the bold print though and I love the oversized style of the top that contrasts with the cinched-in waist (there are rows of elastic ruching in the fabric under the belt) so I chopped off a lot of the length, hemming it around the knee.

That puts me to mind....I really need to take ‘Before’ shots if I’m going to go around refashioning things, so that the full effect of the reworking can be appreciated. Will make an effort to do so in future!
I thought this was a 1980s piece at first but the label inside looks older – maybe 1970s? It’s made in Honolulu and I wonder if maybe it was someone’s daring Pina colada-induced holiday extravagance while visiting Hawaii in the seventies....

This outfit is basically all thrifted except for bangles which are from Sportsgirl and the brown woven ballet flats which are el-cheapo shoes from Novo. The yellow beads I’ve had forever and originally came from an op-shop. The belt is Kookai (via Vinnies), and the little brown sling-clutch bag is a new purchase (from Vinnies of course!) and is 1980s patchwork leather. I think this bag will be going everywhere with me this summer – good festival bag too!

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