Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lazing on an English Summer Afternoon:

It’s been unseasonably warm in Sydney the last few days. Keeping in mind that it’s meant to be mid-winter here at the moment, I’m finding it to be far more reminiscent of English Summer.

It’s been a good couple of years since I experienced an Aussie Summer. After living in London for two years and then arriving back here in April, I’ve now had nearly twelve months of winter! It’s still summer in London at the moment though and it’s at about 29°C there today. In Sydney it reached 24°C which is pretty close and we call that winter!

I have no idea how I will ever cope when Aussie summer comes around at the end of the year! I’ve gotten in the British habit of stripping down to a bare minimum of clothes at the slightest hint of sunshine. I once saw two girls strip down to nothing but g-strings next to the pond in Hyde Park out the front of Kensington Palace - in their lunch hour too...so wrong! And it never even got properly hot there!

In Sydney last summer it stayed at over 40°C for two weeks at one point.... I might have to convert to naturism and just become a full-time nudist in order to cope.

In the meantime, while the weather is merely getting slightly milder, I feel the need to break out the frocks and a bit of colour. I’m not yet going for sandals and sleeveless tops as I know I need room to get more naked come the real summertime. Instead I’ve compromised by mixing a colourful summery dress with more wintery tights and ankle boots:

The Outfit:- Vintage dress from Addison rd Markets, Marrickville, Sydney ($20)
- Clear Perspex Necklace from H&M in Covent Garden, London (when will they open one here??? Arrgh! I miss it so much!!!)
- Yellow plastic belt – Thrifted at a local Smith Family
- Black platform wedge ankle-boots from Target

In homage to my semi-summery mood, here’s “Sunny Afternoon” – one of my favourite songs about summer - aptly by English band the Kinks. I’ve used the clip from film “The Boat that Rocked” (which it featured on the soundtrack of) because I love all their imagery of 1960s English summertime! I kind of think London hasn’t changed much style-wise since the 60s in many ways. (I only mean that in the most complimentary way). Enjoy!

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