Monday, August 22, 2011

Rainy Day in Sydney

Well it was with rather miserable weather that I greeted my friend Anna back to Sydney after her 18 months living in Europe. If it had been sunnier it would’ve been a perfect afternoon for drinks at the Opera bar for a Sydney-ish vibe to welcome her home. Determined drinkers that we are though, we went anyway!
So it was the perfect occasion to whip out my nice warm Welsh tapestry cape (Anna kindly took these pictures!). This was generously bestowed upon me by my cousins actually – one of whom lives in Wales and got me onto this amazing fabric. She collects the stuff and has tons of capes, coats, cushion covers and blankets made of the brightly-coloured, warm woollen hand-woven fabric.

It’s technically not tapestry as it’s woven but the intensely busy geometric patterns that are the signature of this fabric’s design does almost give the effect of tapestry – hence the name I guess!
This fabric is quite hard to come by in Oz and some pieces can go for a fortune on ebay but if you like to make a statement and be warm and snugly at the same time I definitely recommend sourcing something in the wonderful woollen Welsh tapestry fabric.
I’m wearing it with:

-          Black gathered tunic by New Zealand label Showroom
-          Striped long sleeve top by Mela Purdie
-          Black leggings from Next
-          Tartan brooches and red plastic bangles from Diva
-          Beaded peacock bag – thrifted from Vinnies
-          Black and Gold Zanita clogs from Funkis

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