Saturday, September 24, 2011

Out and About at Art and About

Ventured into Martin Place last night to attend the free Friday Night Live launch night that was part of the city of Sydney’s Art and About festival with my friends Craig and Hyojin. The festival runs for a month and includes all kind of cool free exhibitions, installations and events around the city so if you’re in town – I’d encourage you to attend!

We were mainly in it for the free music but also got to rub shoulders with the Lord Mayor and drink overpriced beer from the outdoor bar! Anyhoo, here’s what I wore (they’re all silly pics this time – I didn’t feel like being serious!):

- 80s Leopard Print Batwing Top (with shoulder pads removed) from Newtown Vinnies. Worn over:
- Black Silk Bias-Cut Kitty Slip by Nicki McClintock
- Random Black Leggings
- Black Perspex Necklace from H&M in London
- Black and Gold Zanita Clogs from Funkis 

At the festival:

Awesome friends Craig and Hyojin

 Paul Mac DJing

Mucking around with Hyojin

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