Friday, September 23, 2011

Reason I wished I lived in NYC #42: Daphne Guinness Exhibit at FIT

Last week, to coincide with New York Fashion week, saw the launch of the Daphne Guinness retrospective exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

The rail-thin and barking-mad heiress and style icon has loaned a chunk of her couture collection to FIT for an exhibition that pays homage to her unique and ludicrously expensive wardrobe. The launch party was of course studded with many doyennes of the fashion world and the exhibition features designs that she has collaborated on with designers such as Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Givenchy, Dior, Rick Owens and Lacroix.  Highlights include her many gravity-defying shoes and the mannequin’s hairdos styled to match Guinness’s own black streaked Cruella-inspired Coiffure.

The exhibition was created by Guinness herself and Valerie Steele, who was quoted as saying that the exhibition was extremely easy to curate as Ms Guinness had all of her clothing recorded and stored on a computer database. Hmm…reminds me a bit too much of Clueless.

Uber-petite Daphne was also quoted by the New Yorker magazine as saying she will “eat when I’m dead” which, oxymoronically will happen soon enough with that attitude! 

Anyway, as mad as she may be her style and creativity is irrefutable. If I had pots of money I’d like to think I would also permanently be attired as outlandishly as possible in underwear woven from the rhino tears and hats knitted from diamonds by Albanian Satanic Monks. As I can’t though, I will just look to Daphne’s exhibition for inspiration.  

Wish I was there! Fingers crossed it'll go on tour and we'll be lucky enough to get it in Sydney (probably in about two years time)! 

Daphne Guinness at Alexander McQueen’s funeral last year

Modeling for a Haiti fundraising Charity event at NY Fashion Week 2010
At the launch of her own exhibition last week wearing a gown by Hogan McLoughlin
And Below: Some of the awesomely uncomfortable shoes featured in the exhibition

Photo Source: New York Times

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