Sunday, October 23, 2011

F*ck Flattering and Farewell Mum!

Well it's Gorgeous weather here in Sydney today. Summer is definitely approaching. Yet, on the other side of the country, my Mum Brigid is about to experience weather that is a hell of a lot colder!

She is in Hobart right now, and in about 3 hours time she is about to set sale for Antarctica, where she will be living and working for twelve months on Davis station as the chef in residence for the Australian Antarctic division. Quite the adventure I know!

I'm very nervous and excited for her. You can follow all her adventures on her blog Bridge in the Fridge.

Am very proud of her so please follow along on her blog. Shes definitely a very cool Mum to undertake such an adventure!

Anyway, back in Sydney the sun is shining so am getting my crop on. Got my Gisela Ramirez F*ck Flattering crop tee in the post a few weeks ago but haven't worn it yet as the weather wasn't quite warm enough. Here it is though in a monochrome outfit:

I'm wearing:

- F*ck Flattering Crop Tee from Gisela Ramirez
- Black high-waisted mini skirt from M-line
- Black and white graphic print knit vest - from Anglicare for $3!!
- Random black tights
- Black platform wedge ankle boots from Target
- Sunglasses from ASOS 


 I was very excited to see Beth Ditto of the Gossip was snapped in one of these tees too on her recent visit to Sydney after I saw her at Parklife. Gisela Ramirez posted the following pics on her tumblr of Miss Ditto in the top

Who do reckon wore it better?

Lol....well I know who I'd pick!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finished Tribal Top

Sorry for the delay in posting this! But here is the finished top that I made from my funky tribal fabric that I posted about earlier:
(I did actually finish it a while ago but was slack about doing the post :-p)

What do u think? It didn't take long to make actually and I didn't even use a pattern. Apart from the hem, there's only 2 seams: one either side of the body that continues through the sleeves.

To make it, I folded the piece of fabric into quarters and traced and cut out a pattern straight onto the fabric that looked like this:

It's a v easy to make. All you need is your bust and sleeve measurements for the fit. Then the crazy wide lower seam gives it the great drapey shape.

My only problem is that my sewing machine isn't great with sewing jersey. So to stop the seams from stretching as I sewed them, I used masking tape around the edges to stabilise it. I know this is a very unprofessional method but it works so well as you can just rip it right off when your done and it's a lit cheaper than any stabilising stuff you get at lincraft!

So yes, here's the finished result. I'm quite happy with the outcome.

I've worn it here with:

- Black high waisted Ponti miniskirt from M-line
- Necklace from Country Road (a few years ago though)
- Leopard print ankle wellie boots from Target
- Leather patchwork bag from Vinnies
- Wooden Bangles inherited from my Mum and some from Sportsgirl

It also looked cool teamed with this chunky  80s tribal print cardi I found on one of my Rockdale op-shopping tours:

Gotta Love an 80s sweater!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Well Sunday was what has now become known as the traditional kick-off for the Aussie summer music festival season: Parklife.

Unfortunately though it wasn't particularly summery weather to go with it! Come Sunday morning we awoke to the sound of wind and rain. It cleared up ok by about lunchtime though and although it was still rather overcast and muddy the rain mostly stayed away and it was nowhere near as bad as a British festival! I nonetheless made sure to wear my Wellies though :)

Favourite acts included (of course) Queen Ditto and the Gossip, Santigold and Diplo.

The Gossip

Outfit photos are below.


I wore:
- Spliced Utility tunic from City Chic (which as testament to the quality of their products, broke and fell apart before I even put it on that morning before the festival and I had to go find an emergency sewing kit to repair it as I was staying at a friends house and didnt have a back up outfit! Grr.....the deep pockets came in handy for collecting cups to get drinks tokens though...)
- $3 Necklace from Diva
- Sunglasses from Sportsgirl
- Leopard print ankle boot wellies from Target

Of course my outfit was nowhere as exciting as my gay husband Dean who's theme was "my alien love heart".

He got lots of attention throughout the day and had many randoms approach him for photos- including the rather psychedelic one below!

 Good day!