Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Well Sunday was what has now become known as the traditional kick-off for the Aussie summer music festival season: Parklife.

Unfortunately though it wasn't particularly summery weather to go with it! Come Sunday morning we awoke to the sound of wind and rain. It cleared up ok by about lunchtime though and although it was still rather overcast and muddy the rain mostly stayed away and it was nowhere near as bad as a British festival! I nonetheless made sure to wear my Wellies though :)

Favourite acts included (of course) Queen Ditto and the Gossip, Santigold and Diplo.

The Gossip

Outfit photos are below.


I wore:
- Spliced Utility tunic from City Chic (which as testament to the quality of their products, broke and fell apart before I even put it on that morning before the festival and I had to go find an emergency sewing kit to repair it as I was staying at a friends house and didnt have a back up outfit! Grr.....the deep pockets came in handy for collecting cups to get drinks tokens though...)
- $3 Necklace from Diva
- Sunglasses from Sportsgirl
- Leopard print ankle boot wellies from Target

Of course my outfit was nowhere as exciting as my gay husband Dean who's theme was "my alien love heart".

He got lots of attention throughout the day and had many randoms approach him for photos- including the rather psychedelic one below!

 Good day!

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