Friday, November 25, 2011

Gisela: Feel The Love

Hey all!

What a lovely wet Friday it is here in Sydney.....Rather miserable!

Fortunately, to cheer things up, the fabulous Miss Gisela Ramirez has declared that she will do 50% off everything on her site once she hits 1000 likes on her facebook page.

I'm thinknig I wanna buy me this top:

So get liking everyone!

PS. I can't decide if I like it better in rose pink or electric blue - what do you think? Maybe I should just get both....

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Playsuit Playtime

I've been a bit slack with the posts lately - sorry about that! My Mum's Antarctic blog is overtaking mine in popularity! So I'd better catch up.

Today was stinking hot in Sydney town. Summer has not even arrived yet but it's certainly getting close! So I felt the need to wear this summery playsuit I bought from ASOS months ago during their summer sale but have been waiting for the right moment to wear....thats the only trouble with them being on the other side of the world. Sometimes you have to wait before you can wear something....


This is a very high street outfit! Nothing is vintage or designer but all very el-cheapo and proud of it!

I am wearing:

 - Playsuit from ASOS
 - Leggings from Evans
 - Black lace-up sandals from Payless shoes (yes, Payless)
 - Hat from Sportsgirl

I think the whole outfit came to less than $50. Just for that, I'm taking a bow! :