Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blooming Marvellous!!

What better way to add a bit of cheer to your day than with daisies?

I found this dress in a weird second-hand shop in Newtown that had closed down and disappeared two weeks later when I went back.

My friend Alex saw me pull it off the rack and said 'Absolutely Not!'...and with the loud daisy pattern I concede it does look a bit like an escapee from the Brady Bunch costume wardrobe!

Once I put it on though, he warmed to it and I like it on too.... especially because of the unusual cut-out neck detail.


While posing in the garden, I found a lemon off our tree and decided it would be my new accessory....

It colour-coordinated so well!

I'm wearing:

 - Vintage daisy dress thrifted in Newtown
 - Yellow PVC belt from local op-shop
 - Sunglasses from ASOS
 - Platforms from  Glassons

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