Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dear Santa & Shoe Rant

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year!

Well thats a big lie, of course I havent. But if for some reason you feel like being nice to me anyway here is my dream list of accessories.

These snazzy Wang cat-eye sunnies have been top of my list for some time:

Like any fat girl, Beth Ditto is of course, my style icon. So the fact that I just spied a pic of her wearing these Wangs, pretty much sealed the deal on their must-have status for me!

Beth and her GF. Source Frances Lockie's Tumblr

A little lobster would never go astray either:

Oh and Santa - if you could please make my giant feet smaller, that would be much appreciated too! Then I could get these awesome Bitchy and Underground collobaration metallic platform creeper boots from Bitching and Junkfood:

Or if you could perhaps get more cool footwear to go up to larger sizes that would be much appreciated too!

It's so not fair that more places don't....I know heaps of people with feet my size (a wide Aus 10 or a small 11) and yet there are so few places that make shoes that bloody cater to us!

The particularly shitty thing is that clothes can easily be sewn, or smaller sizes squeezed into or styled differently for a different look. Shoes however, are not so easy to make at home! And after many many attempts to do so, I can assure you that squeezing into a smaller size is NEVER a good idea!

My feet are permanently covered in blisters or scars from shoes that rub in one place or another. I just have to rotate shoes regularly - less for style than to share the pain around!

One place that seems to have cool styles in larger sizes is Barefoot Tess: an American store with a huge range of larger sized shoes from brands including 80%20, Irregular Choice and Jeffrey Campbell.

Some of the pieces I really like (and really dont need given that most of them are booties and it's summer here...)

I wish there were more places like Barefoot Tess. I havent shopped there yet as I am so tricky to fit for shoes, I am nervous about paying the cost of shipping them from the states, only to find out that they don't fit. I will have to try them out soon though....maybe will have to see if Santa gets them to do a good post-xmas sale....

They also have 30% off the Barefoot Tess homebrand at the mo using the code BFT30 - so if anyone'e keen, shop now to snap up a bargain!

Thanks Santa - from Miss Evie xx

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