Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bitch and Stitch

Confession: I am really secretly a Nanna in the body of a 26 year old! As the weather begins to turn Autumnal in Sydney (as indicated by my body’s instinctive craving for hot-cross buns) I feel the urge to lock myself in the house with piles of DVDs and cross-stich til my fingers bleed.

Yes, I’m a subversive sewer: a needlepoint ninja, a shifty stitcher and a crazy cross-stitcher!

My current Mexicana obsession is feeding into this embroidery fetish as in the world of traditional Mexican folk-art and clothing, there is no shortage of beautiful, vividly coloured floral embroidery.

Source: Aida Coronado
Source: Aida Coronado

Source: Aida Coronado
Source: Vebo

I'm not sure where I got this from as I forgot to save the link so sorry to whoever I stole this from! Great dress though - this was taken at Vintage Markets in LA.

I really love this old fashioned art. I enjoy the intricate and delicate nature of cross-stich – watching a bunch of random stitches slowly form over time into a beautiful design.
Here is a piece I started work on last year, just making up the pattern as I went

I think I have a slight masochistic streak for painstaking work. There’s something soothing about the mindless repetition of hand-stitching - it helps me relax…that and the fact that I can do it while watching tv! Subtitled films don’t really work though…I have to keep my eyes off the canvas for too long to keep up with the dialogue.

At the moment I’m working through the entire 5 seasons of Big Love on DVD while working on the piece above. I made this pattern up myself to use up a pile of left-over threads I had in my sewing box.

And here is the psychedelic rainbow design that it has slowly grown into.

Looks a bit like something that someone's crazy PFLAG Grandma might whip up …rather closely resembles the GBLT rainbow flag.
I haven’t finished yet. I thought I would turn it into a colourful cushion cover when I was done.

Is anyone else out there a keen cross-stitcher too? Do you also find it frustrating that the vast majority of cross-stich kits on sale all seem to involve images of kittens, clowns and teddy bears? It’s like you have to be at least 85 and partially blind to appreciate what’s available.

There is a definite shortage of funky kits or patterns out there available for Gen-Yers who like to stitch. So you can my imagine my excitement to discover the DIY iphone cover cross-stitch kit from connect design.

Have ordered it and can’t wait to make my own self-stitched iphone cover! Then when I get bored with the design (or the far more likely: spill a drink all over it) I can simply unpick it and start all over again!

I will post about the outcome soon. In the meantime, I have discovered a couple of other sources of cute designs. So here is my fantasy cross-stitch shopping list:

- Urban Cross-stich has a really cool collection of Banksy images.

Needlepoint for fun has a cool collection of various needlepoint kits.

My favourites are the pop-art cushion covers by Kirk and Hamilton:

....and the fun and colourful tapestries from Jennifer Pudney:

Happy Stitching!

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