Sunday, April 29, 2012


Tis the night before fashion week and all through the house....a huge mess is being made.
Hair is frantically being re-reddened and outfits are being vetoed. I am nonetheless a bit excited.

Today I went past the tents at Circular Quay which were bustling with preparations for tomorrow.

Will be attending several shows on behalf of the online editors at the magazine publishing house where I work.....will try and do some blogposts if I get the chance.

Meanwhile, today I was simply passing by on my way to the finger wharves at Walsh Bay where a fabulous free exhibition called Wool Modern was being hosted.

The exhibition came about as a representation of the Campaign for Wool, the Patron of which is the Prince of Wales and it features many fantastic international designers showcasing the best that wool in design has to offer and to encourage new generations of designer to use wool in their own work and support the wool industry.

I was actually looking after two little boys for the day: my cousins. Who were not only extremely patient with me dragging them to a fashionista outing, but they were also quite interested to see the designs and all photo credits must go to my 8 year old cousin Timothy Roffe!
 Here is some of what we saw:

Knit Monster by Sibling

I want a Mohawk!

"This is how you pronounce Lanvin...."

Teaching the cousins how to do Blue Steel. 

The dress on the right with the coat fixed to the front is by J.JS Lee and the Jacket on the left is by Ellery.

Note the David Koma piece centre front as worn by Feral Cheryl (aka Cheryl Cole) on X Factor leading to sales of his stuff to go through the roof back when I worked at Net-a-Porter London. (I also think its v cool in spite of the Cheryl factor).

3 attractive heads.
Jenny Kee, Miss Evie, Romance was Born, Tina Kalivas, Gorman.
Kaleidescope effect: me standing between 2 of my fave designers I cant wait to see at Fash week. On the right we have Romance Was Born (if that dress looks familiar it's cos it was worn by Cate Blanchett on the red carpet, encouraging what I believe is a much-needed Renaissance of Granny-square couture) and to the left a classic knitted piece by Jenny Kee who will this week hold her first show since 1981 (cant wait!).
Oompa Loompa shoes by Charlotte Olympia.
The cousins blending in with the menswear collection. How do you tell which ones are the mannequins and which ones are human?
"Be still my beating heart"....awesome coat by Queen Vivienne.

Plaited wool on a papier-mache bustier by Maison Martin Margiela.

And here's what I was wearing:

- Vintage Ken Done shirt dress: scored for $6 at Rockdale Vinnies
- Black leather plaited belt: hand-me-down from a friend
- Blue suede creepers by Underground London from ASOS
- Black leggings from Evans
- Black top by Mela Purdie
Thanks to my cousins for the lovely day out and all the awesome photos! See y'all on the other side of fashion week - yay!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

OOTD: Haring Inspired Top

Outfit of the day:

The cropped jersey top is another find from Surry Hills Markets. 

I love the print: it's very reminiscent of the 80s and of a Keith Haring painting.

I had also had my eye on this 'Yokopop' jersey body suit from Asos Curve for a while:

It's got a similar Haring-esque design. 

The difference is that my second-hand one from Surry Hills cost $3! Bargain! 

 I'm wearing it here with: 

- Green paper-bag waist skirt from Asos Curve
- My favourite black perspex necklace that goes with everything and that I got for 10 Quid at H & M in London a couple of years ago (I wish they had H &M in Oz!)
- Black velvet platform sandals from Rubi shoes

Monday, April 16, 2012

Surry Hills Haul

Last week over Easter, I spent my long weekend op-shopping.

The highlight was Surry Hills markets. I’ve been meaning to go there for ages as everyone always raves about the great second hand goodies to be found. Well they were not wrong! I finally had a free Sat at the time of the month they were on and I took home the biggest and best second-hand haul ever!

The jewel of this collection would have to be this little baby though:


Long-term readers of this blog will know of my preoccupation with tribal fabrics: particularly African Wax prints of the variety they sold at the markets in Brixton: where I used to live in London.

Well this dress takes the cake!

Hugely oversized with crazy collar detail, oversized scalloped sleeves and multi-coloured with a metallic finish. This is quite possibly now the loudest article of clothing I own…..and that’s saying something….

On Sundays in Brixton all the African ladies on the way from church would wear something similar….it also brought me to mind of something closer to home.

I think it’s in fact quite reminiscent of something Aussie designers Easton Pearson would come up with. Like this number on Net-a-Porter at the moment:

I’ve teamed it with a yellow belt thrifted from my local Salvos and cute TopShop silver jelly sandals that I also picked up at Surry Hills – for $5! Yay!

Also snagged at the same markets on the same day and solving my problem of women’s shoes (especially vintage ones) never fitting my huge feet:

Vintage leather men’s sandals.

I have a bit of a fixation with men’s footwear at the moment. It’s sooo much comfier! I think these are pretty cute too…