Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hey Senorita!

So you may know I’ve had a bit of a Mexicana obsession and I kept going on about that Frida necklace from Tatty Devine. Well it arrived ages ago and I’ve been wearing it to death so I thought I better blog it.

Going for the full-on Senorita look, here is one of my fave outfits to team it with:

Orange lace cropped shrug-thing (yes, that is a proper fashion term) from Sportsgirl – on sale at the end of last summer.

This is worn with the black satin kitty slip from NZ designer Nikki McClintock – a worthwhile investment for curvy divas if you don’t already have one. I got this one years ago: the shape is bias-cut so is super flattering. 

The fabric is crushed satin (no ironing-hurrah! - not that I ever do any anyway): It’s slinky, it’s sexy and it goes with everything. 

Black and gold clogs are from Funkis and are now seriously marked down if you want to grab a pair.

And here is the lady in question. Miss Tatty Devine's Frida Kahlo:

Just look at the stunning intricate detail. Isn't she a beauty?

I just can't go on about Tatty Devine enough. Their work is consistently so beautiful and original. I know their prices seem a lot for perspex jewellery - although this particular piece is made from laser-etched leather with resin and gem embellishments. 

For someone like me though - who does NOT wear precious jewelry (Gold, silver, diamonds and gems can go fuck themselves - and the Northern beaches bitches who wear them) I really value stuff like this - all made by hand in England with love and care; and an eye for originality.

I also really enjoyed Susie Bubble's recent post from behind the scenes in their Brick Lane workshop. She's such a brilliant blogger who doesnt just vacuously consume the latest trends, but really celebrates local designers and the hard work and ingenuity they put into their craft.