Monday, August 27, 2012

Aussie Curves: RED

So this week's theme is RED. One of my favourite colours (as you can probably tell from my hair colour) and something that my winter wardrobe is severely lacking in.

As I was away in the Blue Mountains this weekend, I was hardly about to whip out the summer wardrobe but I did have this velvet cropped jacket:

Squint closely and you'll see it is in fact a deep, dark luscious shade of red.

It's from Domino Dollhouse - which is fast becoming one of my favourite plus size stores. It's from last season (as usual: am crap at blogging current things) so apologies if it's sold out!

I also love how it features this cute contrast satin spotted lining (please excuse the care tag):

The stripey dress I'm wearing it with is from Rockdale Vinnies (my lucky op shop) and is actually a sz 12. It was actually designed to be more of a baggy drop-waisted top with ankle length skirt but once I ripped the teeny size 12 lining out, I found that it's baggy exterior actually fit me quite well as an (albeit tight) higher waisted fitted number.

I seem to have a lot of luck with drop waisted 80s dresses designed for smaller sizes so my opshopping tip for larger ladies is to definitely keep your eyes peeled for these styles and give them a go.
What I'm wearing:

- Stripey 80s dress from Rockdale Vinnies
- Black skull ankle boots by Demonia (scored at Vinnies for $15)
- Angular cat eye sunnies from Dangerfield $12
- Multi-coloured beaded bib necklace from Brixton markets, London

Monday, August 20, 2012

Aussie Curves: Leggings. I AM SUPERWOMAN

Do you ever feel like people have been have been laughing at you behind your back? Well, without going into the particulars I have been a bit down this past weekend as I feel like that has been happening to me. (not by my lovely blog readers of course!)

Sometimes that's what happens when you are a little bit different. If people don't know how to deal with you they will marginalise you. It's because they are scared: People are always scared of what's different.

So anyway, to all of those of you who have been laughing at me because of the way I look or act or for the things that come out of my loud mouth, I would like to say the following:



End of rant. Sorry about that. I needed to vent. And what better way to introduce this week's Aussie Curves 'leggings' theme than arse-first? Especially when the arse on these wicked bright blue spandex leggings by Aussie designer Gisela Ramirez feature the fabulous heart shaped design?

The blue spandex is excellent too. As it helps me feel invincible!




I'm wearing it here with:

 - Black dress with sheer spotted mesh top from City Chic
 - Neon pink beaded necklace from H & M in London a couple of years ago when I was living there

 - Black Suede Creepers with leopard print insert by Demonia from Clubwear Australia

The creepers are a new purchase, having only just discovered the Demonia brand after my recent purchase of brand new skull boots with tags still attached from Vinnies. Upon further research, they've got some pretty cool styles and because they're mainly all unisex - that means there's plenty of styles available in the right size for my giant man feet.

Plus I felt it was time for another pair of creepers - in black this time - as I've been wearing my blue suede ones to death - they are just so fucking comfy. So I figured a black pair would be perfect for going with everything.

The other new purchase are these awesome sunnies:

You may remember that a while ago I was crushing pretty hard on the Alexander Wang angular cat-eye sunnies from Net-a-porter. Well, I splashed out and bought them but the damn things didn't fit on my head! So I sadly sent them back.

Then, a few days ago I spied an excellent knock-off pair in the Myer Emporium magazine by Dangerfield for only $24. Then when I popped into Dangerfield to pick up a pair - they were 50% off! So only $12 for these sunnies that were about $300 in their original form by Alexander Wang.

I think Dangerfield may specialise in knocking off funky designer goods as I also scored a piano-key necklace there a couple of weeks ago that's an exact replica of one available at Tatty Devine. As much as I'd prefer to support the original designers and their lovely products hand-made in England - it is hard to resist a bargain.

Oh my, I do love a bargain!

And then, just because I felt the outfit wasn't quite loud enough with neon leggings and beads, I decided to throw on this sequin-covered bright yellow leopard print bomber jacket from ASOS:

Apologies as I'm a bit crap at actually blogging about things that are still available to purchase!

This one sold out a while ago - I bought on sale at the end of last year and only finally wore it for the first time a couple of weeks ago.

I knew when I saw it on  sale that I couldnt live without it, but when it arrived and I saw just how LOUD it was - it took me quite a while to talk myself into wearing the damn thing in public. 

Anyway, it seemed appropriate that I model it now: afterall this post is about my life philosophy: being loud and fabulous and not giving a fuck what anyone thinks.



Monday, August 13, 2012

Aussie Curves: Nails

This weeks Aussie Curves theme is nails.

Nails are excellent for procuring boogers out of ones nose.

And thus ends the portion of this post relevant to this week’s theme… Am I fired?

No, seriously though. I’m not into nails, never have been. I bite them all off. But in the interest of posting SOMETHING I found these pics below that I took a while ago:

I love this dress from ASOS. It’s lacey, it’s loud and it has a cute bubble hem. I have to confess though: I tried it on, took these photos and then I had to return it. 

This style was not made for bigger bottomed ladies.  The lining was way too tight & I could only just pull it down over my arse but I couldn’t actually sit down in it. Too loose in the boobs though to warrant going up a size.

Wish I could’ve kept it as the yellow lace looked fantastic with this neon pink beaded necklace I got at H&M in London about 3 years ago for £5. (Fuck I miss H&M. It’s like crack cocaine. So addictive. Cannot WAIT until it opens here!)

The dress also worked well with the more weather-appropriate cream Aran knit cardi also from ASOS that I picked up  last year at the end of the sales for the bargain price of £16.

So sad I couldn’t keep it. :(

Outfit details:

 - Pink neon necklace: H&M

Monday, August 6, 2012

Aussie Curves: Boots - Mexican Goth

Aussie Curves is a new style challenge that kicks off today, having been initiated by Danielle Melnyczenko of Danimezza for all the plus size fashion bloggers of Australia to give us a challenge and a bit of a unified goal.

The idea is there’s a different theme each week and we have to come up with a new blog post each Monday that fits with the theme. 

Being the enormous lazypants that I am, I’ve decided to utilise the opportunity as a good old-fashioned kick up the arse to actually occasionally update my damn blog.

So here’s my contribution for this week. This week’s theme is BOOTS and the ones I’m wearing are el-cheapo rubber wellie ankle boots from Target.

This is my favourite outfit for a night on the town. The sheer panels on the dress say ‘I’m up for a good time’ while the loud Frida flowers on top of my head say ‘I’m a crazy lady: stay away from me’.

Anyway, forgetting what boys think, because they’re retarded, I love this floral headpiece from my friend Jo of JoDeska and her cousin Daphne on their Etsy store HalfHalf. Very Frida = very fabulous.

The sheer panel dress from Asos is one of the first things I’ve bought from their main range that I’ve been happy with. Although there’s a huge number of size 16 and 18 things available in their main range, I tend to play it safe and stick with the plus-size curve collection as the fit of the other stuff tends to be rather hit and miss(at least in terms of fitting plus-size bodies which it’s not cut specifically for). 

The sheer panels on this one allows one to show just the right amount of skin while hiding the bits (like back-fat and side-wobble) that one tends to feel self-conscious about. It also covers the rude boob area while still allowing one to flaunt a certain amount of boobage. 

I find it looks best with a loud clashing bra such as this leopard print bra (um, it was an uber-cheapo one from Target :-p )

This dress also scores points for the flared skater-skirt. A popular shape at the moment which is simultaneously flattering and cute.
The dress was from ASOS
Headpiece from Halfhalf
Mexican skull necklace from ASOS
Leopard bra from Target
Leopard ankle gumboots from Target