Monday, August 6, 2012

Aussie Curves: Boots - Mexican Goth

Aussie Curves is a new style challenge that kicks off today, having been initiated by Danielle Melnyczenko of Danimezza for all the plus size fashion bloggers of Australia to give us a challenge and a bit of a unified goal.

The idea is there’s a different theme each week and we have to come up with a new blog post each Monday that fits with the theme. 

Being the enormous lazypants that I am, I’ve decided to utilise the opportunity as a good old-fashioned kick up the arse to actually occasionally update my damn blog.

So here’s my contribution for this week. This week’s theme is BOOTS and the ones I’m wearing are el-cheapo rubber wellie ankle boots from Target.

This is my favourite outfit for a night on the town. The sheer panels on the dress say ‘I’m up for a good time’ while the loud Frida flowers on top of my head say ‘I’m a crazy lady: stay away from me’.

Anyway, forgetting what boys think, because they’re retarded, I love this floral headpiece from my friend Jo of JoDeska and her cousin Daphne on their Etsy store HalfHalf. Very Frida = very fabulous.

The sheer panel dress from Asos is one of the first things I’ve bought from their main range that I’ve been happy with. Although there’s a huge number of size 16 and 18 things available in their main range, I tend to play it safe and stick with the plus-size curve collection as the fit of the other stuff tends to be rather hit and miss(at least in terms of fitting plus-size bodies which it’s not cut specifically for). 

The sheer panels on this one allows one to show just the right amount of skin while hiding the bits (like back-fat and side-wobble) that one tends to feel self-conscious about. It also covers the rude boob area while still allowing one to flaunt a certain amount of boobage. 

I find it looks best with a loud clashing bra such as this leopard print bra (um, it was an uber-cheapo one from Target :-p )

This dress also scores points for the flared skater-skirt. A popular shape at the moment which is simultaneously flattering and cute.
The dress was from ASOS
Headpiece from Halfhalf
Mexican skull necklace from ASOS
Leopard bra from Target
Leopard ankle gumboots from Target


  1. Love this babe, that dress is gorgeous and that head piece just makes it your own! Wish I could pull that off on myself! xx

  2. Out of this outfit post I'm loving your hair the most. You've got a great hair style and colour. I'm jealous, it suits you so well. And yay for not being a lazy pants. =)

  3. This look is totally rad!! I love your explanation of the flowers lol ;)

  4. That dress is amazing, seriously, amazing! I love how you paired it with wellies that match your bra! Oh, and that headband is gorgeous. I think I may be a little in love with you.

  5. Wellies and matching bra #winning

  6. You are SO cool. Loving this dress. Loving the whole thing, but the dress I want to pinch and make it my own. Haha.

  7. Super gorgeous, loving those boots :)

  8. Love your own personal style. With the crap weather we've been having in country Vic, I could totally do with a pair of these boots! They would match the cardi I am wearing in my Aussie Curves post!!! hahahaha

  9. Now those are party shoes! You look like you're ready to stomp anyone who gets in your way on the dancefloor :)

  10. Completely gorgeous! I've just read your blog from start to finish ~ you have my style exactly and so I'm LOVING checking out your outfit posts. Please keep blogging them.............................................

  11. Wow, sooooo tempted to get international shipping on that dress, I LOVE cutouts! Interesting what you say about Asos, it's my fave shopping spot and I think the main range is great for curvy bodies?

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