Monday, August 27, 2012

Aussie Curves: RED

So this week's theme is RED. One of my favourite colours (as you can probably tell from my hair colour) and something that my winter wardrobe is severely lacking in.

As I was away in the Blue Mountains this weekend, I was hardly about to whip out the summer wardrobe but I did have this velvet cropped jacket:

Squint closely and you'll see it is in fact a deep, dark luscious shade of red.

It's from Domino Dollhouse - which is fast becoming one of my favourite plus size stores. It's from last season (as usual: am crap at blogging current things) so apologies if it's sold out!

I also love how it features this cute contrast satin spotted lining (please excuse the care tag):

The stripey dress I'm wearing it with is from Rockdale Vinnies (my lucky op shop) and is actually a sz 12. It was actually designed to be more of a baggy drop-waisted top with ankle length skirt but once I ripped the teeny size 12 lining out, I found that it's baggy exterior actually fit me quite well as an (albeit tight) higher waisted fitted number.

I seem to have a lot of luck with drop waisted 80s dresses designed for smaller sizes so my opshopping tip for larger ladies is to definitely keep your eyes peeled for these styles and give them a go.
What I'm wearing:

- Stripey 80s dress from Rockdale Vinnies
- Black skull ankle boots by Demonia (scored at Vinnies for $15)
- Angular cat eye sunnies from Dangerfield $12
- Multi-coloured beaded bib necklace from Brixton markets, London


  1. LOVE IT! I'm falling more and more in love with that jacket - it's such a lovely shade! I hope you enjoyed being up in the mountains - isn't it beautiful up here!

    1. Hi Jess, are you in the Blue Mountains? Didn't realise: it's lovely up there. We just had a fab vintage/op-shopping weekend. Also stumbled across this shop in Katoomba that does great reproduction vintage stuff up to a sz 22. Have you been there? Have to blog about it......

  2. Love the zips in the sleeve. It looks soft & lovely, I just wanna pet you. Creepy much? I would so wear that colourful bib necklace. It rocks!

  3. This looks freaking amaze! That jacket is a knockout and love a good thrifted find! x

  4. So gorgeous! I love the stripes, such a fan of stripes. I need to visit op shops more often.

  5. I wanted that dress and then you said thrifted and I was all like "DAMN" lol. Rocking that velvet jacket, so luxe

  6. What an amazing jacket! Its awesome to hear your tip about smaller size op-shopping, I'm going to have to keep this in mind for the future!

  7. That jacket looks super comfy and warm! And that dress- what a find!!!

  8. Total rockstar! I loooooove this outfit! You look amazing.

    Great tip on the dress, I never op shop because I'm not very crafty and there always seems to be some altering of something to do. But ripping out a lining, now THAT I could manage. Maybe.

  9. I checked out that jacket so many times on the DD site - now I'm kinda disappointed I didn't snap it up :)

  10. Ahhh, looks great! I find some awesome things in op-shops too! Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle xoxox

  11. Oh WOW you look gorgeous ... and THANK Heaps for another place to shop. Love your look and looks like you had a great time too. Have a wonderful week ;)