Monday, September 10, 2012

Aussie Curves: Sparkle

So for this week's Aussie Curves theme of 'Sparkle', I have a few more Blue Mountains pics from a couple of weeks ago. Just had so much fun getting all frocked up in that vintage location and striking a few silly poses:

Just call me Lady McPose-ington-Wankypants!


The "Sparkly" frock I've gotten is a flocked semi-sheer metallic silver jacquard fabric with a rose design: yet another find from my favourite op shop in the whole world: Rockdale Vinnies.

If you live in the area: stay the fuck away – it's MINE! ...I just always seem to get lucky there. It's funny how that happens though - everyone's got a lucky one. My Aunt Clare who lives around the corner from me, calls our local Vinnies her "Room of Requirement" (a la Harry Potter) as whenever she goes there with something specific in mind, it always seems to show up - while I NEVER have any luck there. Damn her.

Just try and keep me away from those Chesterfields....

Wore this little number to Brekky ...because who says you can't wear a bit of sparkle at Breakfast time?

I'm wearing it with:

-    Vintage floral turban hat: also from Rockdale Vinnies
-    Angular Cat-eye sunnies from Dangerfield
-    Black Skull Cowboy boots – another op-shop find but they're by Demonica


  1. I dub thee "Lady McPose-ington-Wankypants" you should get that on a shirt :)

  2. I LOOOOOOVE IT!! LOVE, LOVE IT. I want a magic op shop. And those sunnies. Those sunnies are divine.

    Looking good Miss thing, looking good.

  3. My op-shop never has any fashion finds that fit me!! Damn those plus-size women hanging onto their clothing.

    You look fantastic!! Your dress is capturing every ray of light.

  4. "Lady McPose-ington-Wankypants" ROFL. These on location shots are fantastic! As much as I love that turban (it's cool & fun looking) I love your hair much better. Big fan of your hair style and colour. Great look.

  5. Bahahahaha, thanks for the giggle - wankypants! Your posts always make me grin. Love your dress too. Very cool.

  6. For me, it's all about that turban, it looks AMAZING!

  7. Those boots are cute! I love how you've even matched your location to your look :-)

  8. ooohhh this outfit looks like so much fun! And the turban just takes it to a whole new level! Love!

  9. love the turban so much. and am massively envious of your mad op shopping mojo xx

  10. That is one of the most amazing op shop dresses I have ever seen! so jealous! you look great in it!