Sunday, September 30, 2012

Aussie curves: Stripes

Better late than never! Glad I got something in for the Aussie Curves stripes theme as stripes are totally my favourite thing ever and I wear them almost every day.

Here I'm wearing this cool sheer oversized striped shirt called the Downtown Blouse by Domino Dollhouse (who are fast becoming my favourite plus-size store ever).

I'm wearing the shirt with:

- New purchase: the over-sized rose necklace from Sportsgirl
- Black drapey skirt by City Chic
Underground blue suede creepers from ASOS


Also trying a new slicked-back 'do also known as 'I've been wearing a big scarf round my head all day and now my hair is ironed flat'.

I do love that rose necklace though!

See y'all tomorrow for the next Aussie Curves post ;-)


  1. Oooh I love everything about this!!
    I love Domino Dollhouse, wish I could afford more of their stuff. The dark red velvet jacket they have out now as part of their Halloween range is just gorgeous. I love the stripey shirt paired with that skirt, so fab.

  2. ohhh cutting it fine, you just made it lol. Love the necklace and lippy xx

  3. Better late than never...
    Because this outfit is epic! Fabulous job lady! X

  4. Oh, I NEED that top. Damn you and damn domino dollhouse!! You look fab, as always!

  5. that necklace and these shoes! Yeah, i like it :) pretty :)

  6. Thank You Miss Evie, yes I know now big girls can wear stripes but trust me "in my day" you'd have been laughed outa town, called everything from a circus tent to zillion other cruel and awful names ... we're so blessed to have the freedom of fashion we have now.
    You look stunning as always, you're a sweetheart, totally love your style ;)

  7. I'm totally loving the black and white stripes with the oversized red roses! Classics, yet in a unique way! Love it!