Monday, September 17, 2012

Aussie Curves: Tribal

I've been anticipating the Aussie Curves Tribal theme for a while. I was planning on creating something fabulous out of all of the amazing tribal fabrics I own from Brixton markets in London - where I used to live.

I have managed to make this tribal top in the past and post it on the blog. Generally though, I just hoard fabric and never get round to doing anything with it. This time, my excuse is work: have been very busy over the last week - but I do PROMISE to do lots of exciting things with my fabric collection in future.....maybe :)

So instead of all the bright, colourful things I thought I'd be wearing for this theme, I decided to go to ye old faithful: BLACK

I was actually trying to emanate a celebrity here who's look at the recent VMA's I very much liked:

Image Source: Madison

Yes, Rihanna! I think she has some really cool looks and I LOVED the giant jewellery, the headband, the colourblocking, the sheer fabric and the tunic over trousers in this look. It's really simple - but effective.

Here I've reversed the look by doing the sheer part on the bottom with this sheer split maxi skirt from Shitty Chic.

I also don't know if the headband and giant earrings are so much tribal as FLINTSONES but I don't care: dinosaur's are fucking cool anyway. The headband was just a cheapy one from rubi shoes and the giant beaded earring are from markets in Bangkok.

The beaded stretchy belt I picked up on my recent holiday to Bali. And the creepers are from Demonia via Clubwear Australia.

WARNING: Do NOT wear these creepers if you are prone to grogginess first thing in the morning and you try and do your blog photos in a rush before work. I accidentally trod on my cat's foot this morning while wearing these....and she's still not speaking to me :-p POOR PUSSCAT!


  1. Loving your look this week...that belt is gorgeous! btw - there's no way I could wear those shoes!! I'd twist an ankle for sure.

  2. You can't say 'no cats were harmed in the making of this outfit'. Poor kitty =/
    Great outfit, simple yet dramatic. Love it.

  3. wow-loving it all...and that belt is divine! I need to take more creative chances in my wardrobe!

  4. BAM! I think you nailed this look. I have to say, you REALLY inspire me with your choices and I often sit and think 'damn, I wish I dressed that awesome'. Hope your kitty starts talking to you again soon!

  5. So wonderful! Dude you are ALL KINDS of cool. That belt, if it ever goes missing, I may have it. Like, I might have willed it into my possession from sheer wanting.

  6. shitty chic...hahaha! I love the headband and earrings and your belt is amazing. Hope kitty starts talking to you again soon xx

  7. I really like this, especially your belt. Looks awesome!!!
    Luv Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle xox