Monday, October 1, 2012

Aussie Curves: Picnic

So yesterday I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather that we've had in Sydney over this long weekend and haul my arse to the beach.

I was mainly going to check out Bondi Markets as I haven’t been for a few years (and as sunny as it is, it’s not quite warm enough for a sea-dip) but I also had a wander down by the water and a lunch of sushi in the park by the beach (hence the “picnic” portion of the post for this week’s Aussie Curves theme).

Unfortunately, I went on my own so I didn't have anyone to snap any pics of me in the picnic context but here are some Instagram snaps to give you some context. Then scroll down for the full outfit shots which I took when I got home.

Picnic time

Getting the pins out - pale as they are....

Bondi beach

The Bondi markets have a reputation for being quite good start-up markets for budding young designers – indeed, quite a few successful Aussie designers started out peddling their wares at Bondi.
As it’s the first time I've been in a while though, it’s not as good as I remember it. It’s shrunk in size, and although there were still a couple of independent designers there, there was a lot of made-in-China crap too and only two vintage stores. As far as Sydney markets go, I definitely rate Rozelle, Marrickville and Surry Hills far higher for their excellent second-hand and vintage selection.

Beach Babe

Feeling a bit rebellious, I decided to don the Gisela Ramirez ‘Fuck Flattering’ crop T-shirt for the day. Felt it was quite appropriate for the beach, as it also really the Mecca of body-consciousness and someone needs to tell body consciousness where to go stick it.

So I decided to go all out and wear it with these bold extreme-cat eye sunnies (ASOS) and my leopard head scarf, tied African-style: inspired by the cool Caribbean chicks in Brixton, London where I used to live. 

The finger I felt, was appropriate for the mood and the cider (Strongbow low-carb – same alcohol content though – love it) was just to make up for the fact that I wasn't at Parklife (which was on in Sydney that day) for the first time in quite a few years. 

Parklife always signals the start of summer festival season and this year I've chosen to skip the festivals and retreat a bit from my former party-lifestyle. I do miss it though and still feel am entitled to a few ciders in the backyard on a beautiful summer long-weekend!

What I’m wearing:
- F*ck Flattering crop tee by Gisela Ramirez
- Black and pink sheer dip-dye maxi skirt from City Chic 
- Demonia suede leopard-insert creepers from Clubwear Australia 
- Leopard print headscarf from Rubi shoes 
- Extreme cat-eye sunglasses from ASOS 


  1. Love your SASS!! Looking gorgeous :)

  2. cats eye also your dip dye skirt. xx

  3. Love it, I'm jealous of that skirt.

  4. So when I first saw your pics I was like "OMG those glasses" and then I saw your shoes and I thought "hell yes!" then basically died when I saw your skirt. This is definitely a favourite look for me. Sad I never picked up one of those skirts :'(

  5. Oh Miss Evie you're sensaish, totally adore your look, your attitude plus my heart skipped a beat that you were in Bondi, my childhood home. You rock!

  6. Dude! did you just give me THE FINGER! Haha. Love this. This rocks, you look fab. All the pale skin just makes me smile, big. Beaches rock!

  7. Your posts always have me nodding and grinning. Love your style. The skirt and glasses rock it big time. xox

  8. Gorgeous! I seriously LOVE you & your style!

  9. I LOVE THIS. I love the sunglasses. Love the attitude. Love it all.

  10. Your blog is great and your t shirt is hilarious love it!

  11. The outfit is great, but for me it's the sunnies that steal the show! Love!