Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blazin' ladies


Did anyone see the Prime Minister's speech to the high-priest of misogynist morons: Tony Abbott, during Question time in Parliament yesterday? Cos it was AWESOME! 

While I'm not Julia Gillard's biggest fan (particularly in regard to her immigration policies and stance on same-sex marriage) I do think it's fantastic that she's a trailblazer as our country's first female leader and that yesterday she finally spoke out against the deep undercurrents of sexism that pervade not only the every day lexicon of our nation but also the corridors of power in the highest office of the land.

With the laughable "Sensitive Tony" campaign and the revolting behaviour of a certain radio shock-jock getting way too much air-time lately, it seemed that the female voice in all this would be drowned out, with Gillard choosing to take the high road and keep tight lipped.

I'm glad she didn't though. Instead she called the Liberals out and said that calling our democratically elected leader names like "witch" and "bitch" and joking that her recently deceased father "died of shame" are highly offensive not only to the office of the state, but to her personally as a woman and a human being.

I get called things like this all the time: that and lesbian. Just for being feisty and saying what I think. That and for dressing how I like, and not in a manner that's all about sexualising myself, or blending in and being a nice demure lady-sheep.

 All the GIFs above are from Buzzfeed

I think her speech marks a defining moment in gender relations in this country: even if a lot of local journos have chosen not to run with that version of the story - perhaps because it wasn't the key pivotal moment in the Peter Slipper saga. I don't care: it this version that's gone viral round the globe - and with good reason. Her unabashed anger combined with amazing oratorial skills mark a rare moment in taking a stand against sexism.

It fucking shits me that there is no male equivalent to "witch or bitch". Feisty male characters get called boisterous, outspoken and articulate, when a lot of those who are characterised thusly are in fact just bigoted morons like Alan Jones

So I'm glad that she spoke up and let her anger burn through so fiercely and articulately. There is nothing wrong with being angry: there is a long way to go with gender relations in this country and there's plenty to be angry about.

And so today's outfit is a tribute to our trailblazin' lady leader and her blazer wearing styles. Yes, I'm rocking the blazer look today.  Yes Im aware that is one of the most ridiculous segues from politics to clothing, in the history of blogs! But whatever!


I'm Blazin it here wearing:

- Striped blazer from City Chic
- Pink sheer shirt dress from City Chic
- Sunglasses from ASOS
- Blue suede creepers by Underground from ASOS -Black perspex necklace from H & M in the UK

Gillard is known for her tailored blazers and jackets and has frequently been the subject of ridicule for it. Including one remark about them doing nothing for the size of her bum from no less than Germaine Greer, supposed feminist spokesperson. While I'm honest enough to admit I don't disagree with those remarks, I don't think that bringing them up are helpful, necessary or relevant to Gillard's role or her capability as leader.

I remember once hearing the amazing Leigh Sales of 7.30 in a Sunday Brunch interview on 702 ABC Sydney talk about how she chose hair, make up and clothing to go on national TV every night. She said her challenge was to pick looks that were as neat and as indistinctive and unremarkable as possible so that people would concentrate on what she was saying and not be distracted by the way she looks.

I think that Gillard's dilemma is similar. The blazers are the plainest, neatest smartest look she can go for and the size of her bottom has absolutely no bearing on her capability as leader. Sometimes it seems it would be easier for women to be taken seriously if they could be invisible so that people could only hear what they have to say and not judge them for the way they look. But then we might as well be living in an extremist religious state where women are forced to cover themselves from head to toe in burqas.

Well fuck that, I say. My arse is big, my clothing is loud and I have plenty to say. I don't think women should be forced to blend into the background with either their opinions or the way they style themselves.

Sorry if thats all a bit ranty but it's my blog, my place to vent and anyone who thinks that politics have no place in a fashion blog can BITE me. The fact that the two things are always treated as mutually exclusive just leads to a higher proliferation of total air-heads in the fashion industry! It also leads to too many colour-blind style-challenged campaigners in the political sphere. And trust me, both fields are already overflowing with such folk and need no more!

So in conclusion to this rant: get out there and be as loud as you possibly can: in your politics and your sense of style. Fashion and feminism unite! Fuck yeah Girl Power!!!


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  2. Fantastic blog post Miss Evie. I always enjoy your writing but this certainly deserves comment. Well done you.

  3. I LOVED the PM's speech. Although I do think she could do with a better stylist. If she was an Aussie Curves lady she would be adding some bling to that blazer! Ha Ha Just like you!