Sunday, November 25, 2012

Aussie Curves: Strapless

Today it was approximately 4000 degrees outside in Sydney and hence perfect weather for going strapless.

I always feel a bit weird in this jumpsuit as I've never really done jumpsuits before and I feel kinda under-dressed: like I'm leaving the house in pyjamas. For the same reason though, it's really cool and comfy. 

Please excuse my lack of make-up: it was too damn hot today! Also this photo's blurry but I like it cos of the colours:

I'm wearing:

- Black strapless jumpsuit from ASOS
- Blue and white stripey flats from Target
- White rimmed sunnies from ASOS 
- Green resin necklace by Dinosaur Designs

Monday, November 12, 2012

Aussie Curves: Pastels

This week's theme was a tough one: I'm not the biggest fan of pastels but I do LOVE Domino Dollhouse by Tracey Broxterman and in particular her recent "Urban Mermaids" collection which was pretty much all pastels.

I think it's the way everything is styled together: their colorful photoshoots with gorgeous models with awesome hair and make-up: it's all so enticing!

So for this weeks theme, two items from the Domino Dollhouse Urban Mermaids collection: styled together the same way they have done on the website: they just looked so good together I thought I'd knock off the look!

So I'm wearing:
-   Floral Denim vest from Domino Dollhouse
-   Over "Dem Bones" dress by Domino Dollhouse
-   Making a reappearance from last week: polka dot flatform sneakers by House of Holland x     Superga from ASOS
-   Dinosaur skeleton necklace (going with the bones theme of the dress) from Tatty Devine

Friday, November 9, 2012

Tequila Time!

So on Halloween night last week I was minding my own business, ranting on Twitter about being bored and how I was going to distribute Kitty Litter and cigarettes to any trick-or-treaters that dared visit my house, when Miss Caitlin of Closet Confessions  hit me up to get me out of the house. She invited me to a Dia-De-Los-Muertos-themed party for Espolon Tequila at Mrs Sippy’s in Double Bay. 

It was a fun night with some very cool skull-themed décor (some of which may have ended up coming home with us):

They had some pretty awesome free skeleton-mask face-painting going on but unfortunately didn’t have time to get involved with that as spent most of the night waiting in the queue to get one fucking cocktail.

Caitlin made up for my lack of make-up though with her very cool “Unicorn-exploded-in-my-face” look (her description):

And we both got into the theme with our Frida-esque hair flowers:

It was nice to catch up with another blogger in the flesh and makes me very excited for Plus-Size Fashion Weekend  next week. Yay!

I’m wearing:

The photos of Moi are courtesy of Caitlin at Closet Confessions

See you all at PSFWA!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Aussie Curves: Polka Dots

Yay! Polka dots! This week's Aussie Curves theme is the perfect opportunity to break out these polka-dot flatforms by House of Holland x Superga for ASOS that I purchased recently.

As a size AU 11/UK 9 foot, I'm constantly scouring the ASOS size UK 9 selection, which is normally pretty limited compared to the rest of the range. Hence I was pretty excited when these fun little numbers popped up.

I'm keeping it simple today with the rest of the outfit. This peter-pan collar dress is one of my earliest ASOS purchases, and I still wear it heaps.

The necklace, I picked up in Bali this year for about $2.50. I thought it was pretty unusual and pretty cute. Nothing like a cherry blossom for springtime!

This dress may as well be called my PERIOD DRESS because I always seem to break it out when I feel like shit at that time of the month. It's soft, stretchy, simple and easy: comfort dressing to the max. I think as far as comfort dressing goes though, it's still a pretty cute and stylish option.

Do you have an easy go-to option when you feel like crap?

At least the cute polka-dot flatforms brighten my mood when the rest of me is feeling shitty!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Just discovered this song today and it is pretty much the best song that anyone has ever written about anything ever.  Given that this video from Macklemore has over 12 million hits on Youtube, I suspect I may be a little bit late to the party with this one, but it was nonetheless extremely vital that I post it.

It's a wicked tune and it's about OP-SHOPPING. WOO!

Be warned, if you plan on spending any time in my company in the near future, you WILL be forced to listen to me sing this on repeat:

I'm gonna pop some tags
Only got 20 dollars in my pocket
I-I-I'm hunting, looking for a come up
This is fucking awesome