Sunday, November 25, 2012

Aussie Curves: Strapless

Today it was approximately 4000 degrees outside in Sydney and hence perfect weather for going strapless.

I always feel a bit weird in this jumpsuit as I've never really done jumpsuits before and I feel kinda under-dressed: like I'm leaving the house in pyjamas. For the same reason though, it's really cool and comfy. 

Please excuse my lack of make-up: it was too damn hot today! Also this photo's blurry but I like it cos of the colours:

I'm wearing:

- Black strapless jumpsuit from ASOS
- Blue and white stripey flats from Target
- White rimmed sunnies from ASOS 
- Green resin necklace by Dinosaur Designs


  1. Oooohhh for want of a better word that jumpsuit is mega flattering!!! I've never been able to wear a jumpsuit but you rock it well x

  2. It's AMAZING that jumpsuit. Does all sorts of wonderful things for your fab self. Loving the post and the f'it it's too hot attitude, summer, here we come!

  3. I am LOVING that jumpsuit. How awesome is that, you're super comfy and yet look so sophisticated!! Looking stunning, and loving the shoes you've paired the outfit with.

  4. I just bought a jumpsuit from ASOS but I think my torso is too long for it; it gives me camel-toe! Devo! But you look smokin'!

  5. You ROCK that jumpsuit! I'm slightly jealous as I never seem to pull them off so well. Love that necklace too!

  6. Really love this jumpsuit on you.. Looks great