Monday, December 31, 2012

Aussie Curves: LBD

Ok, so everyone needs a Little Black Dress in their wardrobes. They can be a bit staid and boring though so I've pimped out this one with some bold accessories.

My Bedrock meets Brixton leopard-print headband is getting a lotta love from me this summer as with hair as thick as mine that's too short to tie back, it's the perfect way to get my hair up in the heat and look funky at the same time.

The dress itself is my Magic Mike dress from City Chic. With the combination of collar and bare-skin I think it'd make the perfect male stripper outfit.

The shoes I had custom-made a few years ago when travelling in Vietnam. There's a little town called Hoi-An that's famous for their tailors and cobblers: they can custom-make any clothes shoes or boots you want. You'd think if you could custom design your own pair of Roman sandals that feature 26 buckles to do up you might think to have a zipper in the back.....

Nope. I didn't. #EvieFAIL.

Hence I hardly ever wear them as I can't get outta bed early enough to allow the extra 20 minutes of buckling time they take up before you can leave the house.

I'm wearing:

 - Black Halter Zip-collar dress from City Chic
 - Leopard print scarf from Rubi Shoes
 - Black roman sandals custom-made from Vietnam
 - Angular Cat-eye sunnies from Dangerfield
 - Black cropped leggings from Evans
 - Wooden bangle is a hand me down from Mum (ie. I stole it off her but it was like 15 years ago and I think she's surrendered to the idea she'll never see it again)

Anyhoo, it's New Years Eve and I'm off to vegetate on a beach down the South Coast for a week.

Hope you all pash someone hot at midnight. See ya when I get back ;-)


  1. You look like such a minx! <3 Love it!

    Happy New year! xo

  2. dress is ridiculous! LOVVVVVE IT!!!

  3. That dress is so beautiful, love the exposed zip and the collar. Never wished City Chic shipped to the UK more than now.

    Love those shoes too! Amazing that they're handmade for you, I'd love to do something like that.

  4. That's a great dress and suits the magic mike nickname, except I think you look better in it than a male stripper would!

  5. Love love love those edgy boots! Your dress is gorgeous...I saw that one in store and just knew it wasn't for my jeally.

  6. such a fun look... loving the shoes and sunnies!

  7. This dress is amazing! LOVE IT! Looks so cool and you rock this look!

  8. You look amazing lady. Holy cow I love those shoes and I laughed out loud when I read the thing about the zip. Fail indeed. But they look worth it.

    Fingers crossed for that pash for you. Happy New Year!! xo

  9. Those shoes, WOW! I love them, but yeah, I could never wear them, sometimes I look at sandals that only has one buckle and think "not today". Dress is amazing, scarf is amazing, sunnies are amazing, you my dear are amazing!

  10. You are just totally badass aren't you! The zip, I die. Lucky they look amazing on you, totally worth the effort.

  11. I love that distinctive dress, I think you'd give "magic mike" a run for his money any day! :)

  12. Those sandals are amazing! Looking fabulous girl! <3

    - Marisa

  13. words can not describe how much i love this look. That dress is crazy awesome. xx