Monday, February 25, 2013

Aussie Curves: Animalistic

I figured there was gonna be a lotta leopard print going on for this week's Aussie Curves 'Animalistic' theme, so I decided interpret the brief differently:

Dinosaurs are animals too you know.

Yup. It's Tatty Devine strikes again.

Here I am wearing one of my fave pieces by them: the giant dinosaur necklace. This one gets worn a lot because although it's quirky and bestial, it's also plain black which means it goes with all of my loud colourful things.

The black 'Kitty slip' dress is another one that I break out a lot - it's a really handy layering piece by Kiwi designer Nicki McClintock. I've had it for years but she still sells them as part of her basic essentials range if you wanna check them out. It's super slinky and flattering because of the bias-cut.

I feel the need to point out that the slip dress is actually crushed BY DESIGN - not just by sheer laziness. The top however, by my fave Aussie designer Gisela Ramirez ended up crushed more by accident, but I do like the texture it adds.

The pointy witchy-poo shoes are from ASOS a while back.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mexicana Madness (again)

So this is me showing off some of my latest acquisitions:

Yes it's Mexican madness yet again. I don't know why really as this is the outfit I wore out the other night to dinner at Mr Wong's so it wasn't exactly on theme. Not that one is required to coordinate one's outfit with one's food - although a Chinoiserie look could have been cool. I used to love Cheong-sams as a kid in the 90s and I reckon they're way overdue for a comeback. Anyhoo, I could really do with a Tequila right now, so, Mexican it is.

The outfit isn't new. Got both the bright green lace top and the spotted tulle mesh maxi skirt over a year ago from ASOS. You'll probably recognise the skirt as it's a bit of a mainstay in my wardrobe - it goes with everything. The sandals are also old ones from posho Payless.

No, the new bits here are the accessories. Note the mad-sick Los Del Muertos skull necklace that I was totally bummed to miss out on when it was originally available from Tatty Devine. It was only a seasonal thing and I kicked myself for not getting it when it was around but then good fortune shone down on me and I found it on ebay the other day for half the original price anyway - woot!

Also new and awesome is my pom-pom floral headband made by my friend Jo of Jodeska who has a shop on Etsy called Half/Half with her friend Laura and you can pick up one of her pieces yourself. They have some cool vintage-style clothing too and are also the ones responsible for my other floral headpiece - featured in my blog header image.

The beaded bag I've had since I was in high school: another Mortdale Vinnies find. It has fallen apart and been stitched up a couple of times since then though but I still love it.

Right: tequila time! Bottoms up.....

Monday, February 18, 2013

Aussie Curves: Black and White


Well a monochromatic colour scheme always feels a little incomplete to me without a splash of red. What better way to add that than with a giant red crystal-studded lobster necklace? Durrrrr.

The necklace is from very favourite jewelery-pushers: Tatty Devine. I've got a few pieces of theirs now and am building up quite the collection and the reputation. All of my work-colleagues and the nice people at my regular morning coffee stops now know me as the crazy necklace lady and are disappointed if ever I turn up nude-necked.

Indeed, this outfit was one I wore to work one day last week. My friend Alison took these snaps for me at lunch time in Hyde park. Thanks Alison!

I'm wearing:

- Red Lobster necklace by Tatty Devine
- Black and White stripe pelum top from ASOS 
- Angular cat eye sunnies from Dangerfield 
- Black slip dress from Kondo Tricot in Melbourne
- Black lace-up sandals from K-mart last year

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Aussie Curves: Natural

I took these photos ages ago and I thought they were good ones for this week's 'Natural' theme as I think this outfit vaguely resembles something you might wear on safari....or that your Dad might wear on safari....if it was the 1970s.

The top was an el-cheapo op-shop find from a local Vinnies....Riverwood I believe. It's one of those patchwork-print batik ones you used to get on holiday in Bali in the early 90s and that have been haunting the op-shops ever since.

I thought this one was interesting though because the batik styles are a combination of those typical Indonesian ones you get in Aussie op-shops and the must less commonly-seen style of African wax-print fabrics.

It's probably less a sign of something rare and exotic and more likely the result of a some very confused yet enterprising souvenir-sweatshop managers where this was produced. The ribbed neckline is also a bit weird on a non-stretch top but I think this adds to it's quirkiness.

Adding to the Safari-Dad look are the vintage mens shoes that I picked up at Surry Hills Markets last year.

I don't think that any of the items I'm wearing it with are still available but none-theless, here's where I got them from for your info:

- Retro white-rim sunnies - ASOS
- Black drapey skirt - Shitty Chic
- Spiked necklace: Dotti
- Studded belt: H&M

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Aussie Curves: Swimwear

So here I am: back at the same pool but in new togs.

I've been a bit on the slack side lately with my blogging but I certainly couldn't miss out on the Aussie Curves Swimwear week. The last time I blogged about swimwear was for this post in my bikini. It still stands as my most popular post of all time. 

Thank you all for enjoying perving on my semi-naked bod so much :) 

So because you're all such filthy perves I'm back for another go. Albeit the flesh is a bit more covered up this  time on account of the fact I've only got one bikini.

This number is more of a tankini and was a bargain find from Best & Less. Mock me if you will, but anyone who's ever been shopping for plus-size swimmers knows how it is to find anything half decent with boob support at all, let alone one in such a cute retro style and for only $20 too, so I had to nab it.

I'm back at the same pool again too: Dick Caine's at Carss Park with my fmaily - including my Aunt Clare who took the photos again. There were a few more people there this time than last time when we had the place to ourselves, so we got a few weird looks.

Oh well, that wont stop me from being a poser!

Don't let it stop you either! Get those togs out guys and hit the pool. I did 22 laps this morning - my fourth time swimming this week.

If you ever hit Victoria Park pool after work, I might see you there one night.

Catch you later ;-)