Sunday, February 10, 2013

Aussie Curves: Swimwear

So here I am: back at the same pool but in new togs.

I've been a bit on the slack side lately with my blogging but I certainly couldn't miss out on the Aussie Curves Swimwear week. The last time I blogged about swimwear was for this post in my bikini. It still stands as my most popular post of all time. 

Thank you all for enjoying perving on my semi-naked bod so much :) 

So because you're all such filthy perves I'm back for another go. Albeit the flesh is a bit more covered up this  time on account of the fact I've only got one bikini.

This number is more of a tankini and was a bargain find from Best & Less. Mock me if you will, but anyone who's ever been shopping for plus-size swimmers knows how it is to find anything half decent with boob support at all, let alone one in such a cute retro style and for only $20 too, so I had to nab it.

I'm back at the same pool again too: Dick Caine's at Carss Park with my fmaily - including my Aunt Clare who took the photos again. There were a few more people there this time than last time when we had the place to ourselves, so we got a few weird looks.

Oh well, that wont stop me from being a poser!

Don't let it stop you either! Get those togs out guys and hit the pool. I did 22 laps this morning - my fourth time swimming this week.

If you ever hit Victoria Park pool after work, I might see you there one night.

Catch you later ;-)


  1. I LOVE THIS POST! And I'm gobsmacked that you got it from Best and Less for $20....You look stunning!

  2. LOVE the colour in this tankini. Which Best and Less do you go to? Hurstville is so sad. Love the retro look in the suit and the pinup posing. Gorgeous

  3. Love and I love your bikini post too.
    Check mine out. Seems we have the same problem. Stay tuned. xx

  4. You look amazing and are totally rocking that swimsuit!

  5. yusssss that's my biggest problem....finding support for my boobs! Best and Less do aigght at it! Love polkadots so Im sold on this one!