Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mexicana Madness (again)

So this is me showing off some of my latest acquisitions:

Yes it's Mexican madness yet again. I don't know why really as this is the outfit I wore out the other night to dinner at Mr Wong's so it wasn't exactly on theme. Not that one is required to coordinate one's outfit with one's food - although a Chinoiserie look could have been cool. I used to love Cheong-sams as a kid in the 90s and I reckon they're way overdue for a comeback. Anyhoo, I could really do with a Tequila right now, so, Mexican it is.

The outfit isn't new. Got both the bright green lace top and the spotted tulle mesh maxi skirt over a year ago from ASOS. You'll probably recognise the skirt as it's a bit of a mainstay in my wardrobe - it goes with everything. The sandals are also old ones from posho Payless.

No, the new bits here are the accessories. Note the mad-sick Los Del Muertos skull necklace that I was totally bummed to miss out on when it was originally available from Tatty Devine. It was only a seasonal thing and I kicked myself for not getting it when it was around but then good fortune shone down on me and I found it on ebay the other day for half the original price anyway - woot!

Also new and awesome is my pom-pom floral headband made by my friend Jo of Jodeska who has a shop on Etsy called Half/Half with her friend Laura and you can pick up one of her pieces yourself. They have some cool vintage-style clothing too and are also the ones responsible for my other floral headpiece - featured in my blog header image.

The beaded bag I've had since I was in high school: another Mortdale Vinnies find. It has fallen apart and been stitched up a couple of times since then though but I still love it.

Right: tequila time! Bottoms up.....


  1. Want, want, want that bag! I had one when I was a kid that had panda's on it. I loved it to death... until all the beads fell off :(