Friday, March 29, 2013

Lazy Long Weekend

Happy Easter weekend! Aren't long weekends just the best thing ever? I hope you are all away doing something fabulous. I am just bumming round at home but am enjoying it thoroughly. Just those extra couple of days off work are such a nice break.

Speaking of work, this is an outfit I wore to work earlier in the week so please excuse me if I look a bit washed out  - snapped these shots quickly when I get home and I think most of my make-up had worn off by the end of the day in the heat.

Here I'm wearing a skirt that I scored for free in a clothes swap at PSFWA: Plus Size Fashion Weekend - an event organised by Dani of Danimezza. We all took a bunch of our own things along and I think we all came out with a good haul.

This one's a hand-me-down from Hayley of FashionHayley. I think I scored quite a few of her items as she's lost a bit of weight in the last year but used to be a similar size to me - am more than happy to fill those items with my extra flesh! Thanks Hayley.....

I'm wearing it here with:

 - Cold sholder t-shirt by Mela Purdie
 - Flower necklace from Sportsgirl
 - Indian sandals from Rockdale Vinnies

Best thing about Easter is hot Cross buns. I FUCKING LOVE HOT CROSS BUNS SO FUCKING MUCH. I like them cold, slathered with artery-clogging quantities of butter. I don't know about you but I plan on going for a new hot-cross-bun-eating world record this weekend.

Hope you all have a great long weekend! Have a hot crossy for me!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Aussie Curves: Bodycon

Cant be arsed with whole sentences tonight. Bodycon. Shitty Chic. Lace. Peplum. Cheating. Fuck it. Here pictures. Go look:

Sunday, March 24, 2013

New things what I weared

Just showing off some new things what I weared:

Got new hair, new frock, new bag and new shoes. The sunnies are a pretty recent acquisition too.

Got ma hair did today as a matter of urgency: my red was so faded I was practically blonde, had it trimmed too. I don't know why they always insist on bloody straightening it. I much prefer it when it's curly. 

Am doing my best to channel Twiggy here (except for non-twig physique obvi) with the boldly patterned monochromatic mini swing-dress. Swinging sixties baby, yeah! 

The satchel, from the Cambridge Satchel company was a bit of a necessity I feel, as my old black-leather shoulder bag that I use everyday - while easy and reliable, was also getting a bit manky and worn. Plus, shoulder bags are a pain in the arse.

Satchels are just easy. Comfy to wear with plenty of storage room. This one's a good size and I love the hot pink colour...which I'm sure wont be as practical for everyday use as black, but I'll make it work...mainly cos I'm too lazy to ever rotate bags.

Saw these Dr Marten sandals on ASOS first in red but of course, as usual, they didn't have any size UK9s (11s) so I did a bit of research, found them in my size elsewhere in this awesome pastel colour AND they fit AND they were CHEAPER. So haha fuck you ASOS, you dont have a total monopoly on my shopping dollar....just everything else I'm wearing in this outfit... :-p

Things what I weared:

- Monochrome floral swing dress from ASOS
- Pink Leather satchel by the Cambridge satchel company from ASOS
- Purple leather Eleanor Parade T-bar sandals from Shoes International
- Floral trim sunglasses from ASOS

Monday, March 18, 2013

Aussie Curves: Yellow!

Is it poor manners to wear the same jacket two posts in a row?

Bad bloody luck if it is! I'm loving this neon yellow peplum jacket from Shitty Chic and I think it goes really well with this retro geometric patterned dress that I'm wearing for this week's Aussie Curves yellow theme.

I just think this vintage shift dress is SO 60s with it's bold pattern, oversized pockets and simple silhouette. It was a score from my second favourite local suburban op-shop haunt: Riverwood Vinnies. (Fuck off: it's mine - stay away!).

I'm wearing the shift dress with:

 - Yellow peplum zip-front jacket from Shitty Chic
 - Floral pom-pom headband from Half/Half
 - Retro white-frame sunnies from ASOS
 - Transparent perspex necklace from H&M (purchased in London a few years ago)
 - Black skull boots by Demonia (an opshop find)

Friday, March 15, 2013


So it's another Friday night at home on the couch. The next door neighbour is having a very LOUD solo sing-a-long to the best (worst) of the 1980s. Ugh. This is mainly annoying because it is I who should be out annoying others with MY drunken singalongs!

Anyhoo, in a distraction from Bette Midler and Men at Work, here is an outfit I wore during the week:

The photos don't quite reflect just how neon this peplum jacket from Shitty Chic is. It gets lots of comments when I wear it because of how bright it is.

Here's what I'm wearing:

- Neon peplum zip jacket from Shitty Chic
- Black slip dress by Love & Lustre
- Beetlejuice leggings from Domino Dollhouse
- Sunnies from ASOS
- Sandals from Target
- Dinosaur Necklace from Tatty Devine

Ugh, I am so bored at home it just makes me want to shop online. I swear, the invention of e-commerce has made staying in more expensive than going out!

Anyhoo, hope you're all having a more exciting Friday than me! Have a good weekend :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Floral Fiesta

Have been doing a bit of a wardrobe clean-out lately. I have a GIANT pile of stuff to sell (stay tuned - will let you know if I ever get around to posting it). Sometimes when you do those cleanouts though, you stumble across an old gem that you'd forgotten about - and you see it from a different perspective.

This dress is a few years old - a Londinian purchase from Monsoon. When I came across it though, it reminded me of (you guessed it) Mexican style embroidery. I know. I am a broken record. I just love bright colour and florals though.

So teaming with the theme, I've got the Pom-Pom headband from Half/Half on yet again. As well as my fave skull boots. This cardi though was another lost item from wardrobe land:

Though I've had both pieces forever, I've never thought to pair the two together - but how cool do they look with all the florals?

The cardi is also from way of a Sydney op-shop. The label is Uttam London. I remember seeing their shop on Portobello rd, Notting Hill when I lived over there - it always looked really fun, loud and colourful.

Believe it or not, I used to live in all black all the time and my family made jokes when I did the washing: "Are the Addams family borrowing your washing line"? These days it looks more like Carmen Miranda has taken over.

I now think this colourful look is way more fun though - don't you?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Aussie Curves: Retro

So it was my birthday last weekend and this is the retro dress I wore:

These aren't actually pictures from my birthday though: they're from several months ago when I went out to dinner with my friends Hannah and Jessica to Queenie's in Surry Hills.

This is Hannah and Jess (they will kill me for this pic):

Jess kindly took all these great photos and then I never posted them so I thought I better do so before she writes me off as a giant arsehole.

This is Jess. My photos are less good than hers - (sorry Jess):

This is me:

This is me and Hannah being silly:

My birthday was pretty much a reenactment of this same evening anyway: Hannah and Jess were both there, I wore the same dress and we went to another hipster pub in the inner west.

My headband changed though: here is the Pom-Pom one I wore on sat night. It's by my friend Jo and her friend Laura from their Etsy store Half/Half. Go buy one:

Also take note of my dragqueen blue eye shadow. This is significant because I can normally never be arsed with makeup but it was my bday/Mardi gras after all. If you can't do drag queen make up then, when can you?

The other headband I'm wearing in these pics is one of those cute South American ones with Worry Dolls. Did anyone else have worry dolls as a kid? Well I saw this one in an op-shop recently and it made me feel nostalgic and I had to have it...even though it's a bit broken.

So my bday evening was lovely. As was the evening when these snaps were taken at Queenie's. Here is Jess striking a pose in the restaurant (again she will defo kill me...teehee):

Queenie's is a Jamaican restaurant above the Forresters in Surry Hills which long time blog readers will know that I found VERY exciting. Having lived in London for a couple of years, I have a bit of a fixation with Brixton, the Afro-Carribbean area that I lived in. I really miss the colorful fabrics and delicious food from the markets which you can't really get here. Queenie's made a good attempt at it though -the food was pretty good. FUCK YEAH JERK CHICKEN. Also Queenie is also the name of our family puppy dog, who died a couple of years ago, so this is obviously an awesome restaurant name.

So the dress is a proper vintage one. It's a purple, metallic knitted lurex, scored for $10 at a Rockdale op-shop. The necklace was about $2 from a trip to Bali last year. The shoes are my fave old blue suede Underground creepers. They're a bit old and worn now.

Anyway, ramble ramble. Hannah and Jess are awesome. Retro dress is retro. Go eat at Queenie's. The end.