Friday, March 8, 2013

Aussie Curves: Retro

So it was my birthday last weekend and this is the retro dress I wore:

These aren't actually pictures from my birthday though: they're from several months ago when I went out to dinner with my friends Hannah and Jessica to Queenie's in Surry Hills.

This is Hannah and Jess (they will kill me for this pic):

Jess kindly took all these great photos and then I never posted them so I thought I better do so before she writes me off as a giant arsehole.

This is Jess. My photos are less good than hers - (sorry Jess):

This is me:

This is me and Hannah being silly:

My birthday was pretty much a reenactment of this same evening anyway: Hannah and Jess were both there, I wore the same dress and we went to another hipster pub in the inner west.

My headband changed though: here is the Pom-Pom one I wore on sat night. It's by my friend Jo and her friend Laura from their Etsy store Half/Half. Go buy one:

Also take note of my dragqueen blue eye shadow. This is significant because I can normally never be arsed with makeup but it was my bday/Mardi gras after all. If you can't do drag queen make up then, when can you?

The other headband I'm wearing in these pics is one of those cute South American ones with Worry Dolls. Did anyone else have worry dolls as a kid? Well I saw this one in an op-shop recently and it made me feel nostalgic and I had to have it...even though it's a bit broken.

So my bday evening was lovely. As was the evening when these snaps were taken at Queenie's. Here is Jess striking a pose in the restaurant (again she will defo kill me...teehee):

Queenie's is a Jamaican restaurant above the Forresters in Surry Hills which long time blog readers will know that I found VERY exciting. Having lived in London for a couple of years, I have a bit of a fixation with Brixton, the Afro-Carribbean area that I lived in. I really miss the colorful fabrics and delicious food from the markets which you can't really get here. Queenie's made a good attempt at it though -the food was pretty good. FUCK YEAH JERK CHICKEN. Also Queenie is also the name of our family puppy dog, who died a couple of years ago, so this is obviously an awesome restaurant name.

So the dress is a proper vintage one. It's a purple, metallic knitted lurex, scored for $10 at a Rockdale op-shop. The necklace was about $2 from a trip to Bali last year. The shoes are my fave old blue suede Underground creepers. They're a bit old and worn now.

Anyway, ramble ramble. Hannah and Jess are awesome. Retro dress is retro. Go eat at Queenie's. The end.


  1. Man I love your posts, they always make me laugh.
    The dress is fab, you look fab, you all look like you're having a great time.

  2. looks like such a fun evening, love the sparkle :)

  3. You look adorable my dear. I'm so in love with your necklace and pom pom headband though ... I want them all :)

  4. I am SO in love with that dress, its SO pretty! It reminds me of a dress I had in my dress up box when I was younger!

  5. That dress is gorgeous and looks great on you. Is is scratchy on the skin?