Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Floral Fiesta

Have been doing a bit of a wardrobe clean-out lately. I have a GIANT pile of stuff to sell (stay tuned - will let you know if I ever get around to posting it). Sometimes when you do those cleanouts though, you stumble across an old gem that you'd forgotten about - and you see it from a different perspective.

This dress is a few years old - a Londinian purchase from Monsoon. When I came across it though, it reminded me of (you guessed it) Mexican style embroidery. I know. I am a broken record. I just love bright colour and florals though.

So teaming with the theme, I've got the Pom-Pom headband from Half/Half on yet again. As well as my fave skull boots. This cardi though was another lost item from wardrobe land:

Though I've had both pieces forever, I've never thought to pair the two together - but how cool do they look with all the florals?

The cardi is also from way of a Sydney op-shop. The label is Uttam London. I remember seeing their shop on Portobello rd, Notting Hill when I lived over there - it always looked really fun, loud and colourful.

Believe it or not, I used to live in all black all the time and my family made jokes when I did the washing: "Are the Addams family borrowing your washing line"? These days it looks more like Carmen Miranda has taken over.

I now think this colourful look is way more fun though - don't you?


  1. So fabulous! The dress and cardigan are amazing, and I love the overall colorfulness and cheerfulness of your outfit. :)

  2. Oh I love this outfit! The colours are fantastic, and i love the cardy with the dress! I love finding old clothes and giving them a new lease on life!