Friday, March 29, 2013

Lazy Long Weekend

Happy Easter weekend! Aren't long weekends just the best thing ever? I hope you are all away doing something fabulous. I am just bumming round at home but am enjoying it thoroughly. Just those extra couple of days off work are such a nice break.

Speaking of work, this is an outfit I wore to work earlier in the week so please excuse me if I look a bit washed out  - snapped these shots quickly when I get home and I think most of my make-up had worn off by the end of the day in the heat.

Here I'm wearing a skirt that I scored for free in a clothes swap at PSFWA: Plus Size Fashion Weekend - an event organised by Dani of Danimezza. We all took a bunch of our own things along and I think we all came out with a good haul.

This one's a hand-me-down from Hayley of FashionHayley. I think I scored quite a few of her items as she's lost a bit of weight in the last year but used to be a similar size to me - am more than happy to fill those items with my extra flesh! Thanks Hayley.....

I'm wearing it here with:

 - Cold sholder t-shirt by Mela Purdie
 - Flower necklace from Sportsgirl
 - Indian sandals from Rockdale Vinnies

Best thing about Easter is hot Cross buns. I FUCKING LOVE HOT CROSS BUNS SO FUCKING MUCH. I like them cold, slathered with artery-clogging quantities of butter. I don't know about you but I plan on going for a new hot-cross-bun-eating world record this weekend.

Hope you all have a great long weekend! Have a hot crossy for me!


  1. You look gorgeous in Hayley´s.
    I love her so much.
    Digging your necklaces, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Have a lovely Easter weekend.

  2. Oh my gosh, beautiful skirt. You look fab. I agree with you hot cross buns make easter, I think I'll be indulging this weekend too! :)

  3. I haven' had the internet since our move to Melbourne so I missed this post. Looking amazing in my old skirt, so much so that I now regret giving it away haha. I wish I had time to have goodbye drinks with you in Sydney, but our move was decided literally the night before I was already flying down to Melb - so crazy fast. If you're ever in Melb lets catch up, I'll be in Sydney every now and then too xxx