Sunday, March 24, 2013

New things what I weared

Just showing off some new things what I weared:

Got new hair, new frock, new bag and new shoes. The sunnies are a pretty recent acquisition too.

Got ma hair did today as a matter of urgency: my red was so faded I was practically blonde, had it trimmed too. I don't know why they always insist on bloody straightening it. I much prefer it when it's curly. 

Am doing my best to channel Twiggy here (except for non-twig physique obvi) with the boldly patterned monochromatic mini swing-dress. Swinging sixties baby, yeah! 

The satchel, from the Cambridge Satchel company was a bit of a necessity I feel, as my old black-leather shoulder bag that I use everyday - while easy and reliable, was also getting a bit manky and worn. Plus, shoulder bags are a pain in the arse.

Satchels are just easy. Comfy to wear with plenty of storage room. This one's a good size and I love the hot pink colour...which I'm sure wont be as practical for everyday use as black, but I'll make it work...mainly cos I'm too lazy to ever rotate bags.

Saw these Dr Marten sandals on ASOS first in red but of course, as usual, they didn't have any size UK9s (11s) so I did a bit of research, found them in my size elsewhere in this awesome pastel colour AND they fit AND they were CHEAPER. So haha fuck you ASOS, you dont have a total monopoly on my shopping dollar....just everything else I'm wearing in this outfit... :-p

Things what I weared:

- Monochrome floral swing dress from ASOS
- Pink Leather satchel by the Cambridge satchel company from ASOS
- Purple leather Eleanor Parade T-bar sandals from Shoes International
- Floral trim sunglasses from ASOS


  1. How much did the postage cost you?

    1. Thanks Sophie. I think it was ten pounds? The total incl postage defo came to less than the 90 pounds ASOS was charging

  2. Guh, I want those shoes, and that dress, and that bag. Ha! You look fab!

    1. Thanks Natalie - You should get the dress - reckon it would suit you!

  3. OMG I am in love with that outfit, love shoes and the satchel.... and the dress...... looks fantastic :)