Friday, March 1, 2013

To the galaxy and beyond....


Just showing off my awesome galaxy dress from one of my fave plus size brands: Domino Dollhouse

I bought this at the end of last year but haven't had a chance to wear it yet as its been a bit too warm in Sydney this summer, but now Autumn has arrived, bringing with it (in addition to Mardi Gras and my birthday) a sudden drop in temperatures, I'm hoping I can wear this long-sleeved number a bit more.

I'm wearing it here with my neon pink H&M dress from the UK and my fave old blue suede creepers by Underground via ASOS.

Please excuse the recent fluctuations in hair length/brightness inbetween my posts. Have been digging out some older pics that I never got round to using earlier and mixing them in with the newer ones!

Anyway, have a good weekend: birfday on Sun. Next time you see me I'll be 27! (First person to refer to that as my late twenties gets a punch in the nose). 


  1. I LOVE this dress. It's amazing. No wonder you've been hanging out to wear it. Looks great with the creepers.

    And I know I've got a punch coming, but sorry dude, late twenties by the teeniest of margins. ;)

  2. This is so amazing. Once again you've nailed it!

  3. I love the dress, and it looks awesome with that necklace!