Sunday, April 28, 2013

The holiday's over.....

Well my throat is better and my hives have nearly all cleared up so after eight days, I'm almost recovered from my bout of illness. It's Sunday night and after a week off it feels like the end of school holidays, which for a lot of disappointed kids and relieved parents this evening - I guess it is today!

After two incorrect diagnoses of Pharyngitis and Glandular Fever, my illness turned out to be Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease....not to be confused with Foot & Mouth that Cattle get! Apparently infants are normally susceptible to it and although adults can be carriers, it's rare that they get struck with the symptoms but that when they do, it can be quite serious. The hives I had on my hands spread to my feet too and turned into hundreds of painful blisters. Now though, I'm lucky to be over the worst of it!

Unfortunately I was at a family dinner the night before I got ill, playing with my little cousins and it looks like I spread it to them! They've all been struck down over the weekend...just in time for the new school term. Poor things. Hopefully it's not as bad in kids!

Have rather enjoyed my stay-cation…even though I couldn't swallow anything or leave the house. Have just been doing lots of homey things: still getting organised to sell off all my clothes online - I know I've been saying that for ages but it will happen soon – please stay tuned!

I tackled my sewing pile: a chair full of clothes that have been waiting to be altered (some of them have been there for about two years!) so now I have new things to wear…some of which I’d forgotten about.

I had a few TV show marathons…courtesy of Mum’s DVD collection. This means I watched all of Jam and Jerusalem (which I was resistant to at first but ended up rather enjoying – it’s written by Jennifer Saunders who I LOVE) and also re-watched all of The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency. I loved the original books by Alexander McCall Smith and the TV show is even better because it stars the fabulous Jill Scott as the gorgeous Mma Ramotswe AND you get to see all the amazing colours and landscapes of Botswana – not to mention the amazing vibrant costumes.

And then today, on my last day of staycation, I belatedly baked some ANZAC biscuits (which I can actually swallow now unlike last week on the actual ANZAC day), I did some restorative sewing work on my favourite quilt – a hand embroidered patchwork I got in Laos that is falling apart, while having a Luke Nguyen marathon (I have his Greater Mekong DVD for some reason) I've done this blogpost, and now I think I’ll do some hand-sewing on my Banksy cross-stitch. Yes, it's been blissful domesticity at its best.

What does that have to do with these photos? Not much! These are more pics that my friend Alison snapped for me on a lunchbreak at work pre-illness – isn’t she clever? I think they turned out pretty well! I guess one advantage of going back is that now I can annoy her to do more – tee hee. These were taken in a lane-way around the corner from work that smelled of wee.

The outfit I'm wearing here is my Roman Holiday outfit - because of the classic full skirt, the polka dots, the collared shirt and the sunnies. Hence I think it's an appropriate outfit for my end-of-sickie-sojourn post.

I'm wearing:

- Green paper-bag waist skirt from ASOS (about a year ago)
- Navy polka dot shirt from my good ol’ Rockdale Vinnies for $4 worn tied over a black tank
- Black Juju jellies from ASOS
- Pink Cambridge satchel from…..erm, yes ASOS

….and then when I got back to the office I realised that although I had my sunnies on my head I forgot to put them on in the photo! So I roped my boss into taking my photo from his desk, opposite mine. Here is his view (lucky him):

The sunnies, with flying birdy detail may be from ASOS too :-p

Wish me luck going back to work tomorrow. Am dreading the backlog of emails! Hopefully it wont deter me from ever blogging and you'll hear from me again soon :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

My All-time Favourite Vintage Dress

While I’m still stuck at home feeling ill, I might as well dig out these old pictures. I took them about a year ago and never got round to posting them.

You can tell because of all the crazy weeds in the backyard, which happened while Mum was away because I am hopeless at gardening and pretty much let the place go wild. Now Mum's back she’s been sweating it out to keep it all neat and tidy and there's definitely no more crazy weeds.

Anyway, the pics are a bit old but the dress is still a firm favourite. I’ve just started wearing it again now that the weather is getting a bit nippy. It’s this great old heavy vintage knit so is nice and warm – feels like the vintage equivalent of ponte fabric that you get these days.

I think this dress is my absolute, number one tip-top favourite out of all of my vintage op-shop finds. I got it at my old faithful op-shop too – Rockdale Vinnies – with my favourite op-shopping partner in crime – my cousin Kate.

I think it's something to do with the fabulous green colour - it works so well with my hair. I love the green vintage rosey pattern. I also just love the cut and the shape - feel like it was made for me! And the fact that the fabric is just so stretchy, comfy and warm makes it sooooo wearable.

I’m wearing it here with my Frida necklace  from Tatty Devine and Red Docs that I got over a year ago but still haven’t managed to wear in. Docs are such bastards to wear in! They’re the right fit and everything but the leather at the back is so stiff, it totally hacks up the back of my legs everytime I wear them. Still, I keep persevering….

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Aussie Curves: Pyjamas

Oh my god I’m so sick.

I wasn't originally going to participate in this week's Aussie Curves pyjama challenge cos I don’t like people seeing me at my worst but fuck that, I wanna whinge!

I’m stuck at home for the week on doctor’s orders feeling very sick and mopey and whingey. As I mentioned previously, I don't really wear PJ’s. I don’t sleep naked either unless it’s boiling hot: I like snuggling too much. I wear mainly old t-shirts and trackies but always something comfy and stretchy to bed and then I require about ten layers of quilts and blankets piled on top of me to stay warm.

Even in summer I sleep with a couple of layers of blankets. It's something about the security of weight on me. In winter I’m way worse: would be much comfier if a baby elephant could just come and lie on top of me!

So yeah, I’m wearing typical comfort clothing round the house this week which I thought I’d share. Please ignore my messy hair and make-up free face but I don't really feel well enough to get done up.

Rather than trackies or PJ’s I’m wearing top-to-toe jersey. This dress is my favourite round-the-house outfit. I got it in an op-shop for $8 – it was originally from Crossroads. As a rule, I don’t wear tie-dye stuff in public so: shhhh….don’t tell anyone! It’s just so fucking comfy!

In summer, I’d just wear this dress on it’s own but now that it’s getting chillier (even more so if you're just lying round the house all day) it’s still good, I just layer it over leggings and a long sleeve tee. The one I’m wearing here is a stripey v-neck top by Mela Purdie.

So if you can be bothered hearing about it, here’s my illness whinge:

I woke up on Sunday morning feeling like I’d been hit by a truck and spent the whole day in bed. By Monday morning my throat was killing me and my glands were all swollen up (which is weird cos I used to get chronic tonsillitis but then I had my tonsils out five years ago – so how can you get tonsillitis without tonsils?) so I called in sick and went to the doctor. The doctor diagnosed me with pharyngitis and gave me Amoxicillin and told me to stay away from work for a week. Then that night I started to get really itchy hands and by Tuesday morning I woke up to hands covered in painful, swollen, itchy hives and my throat was about ten times worse and to look at it in the mirror, was covered in white pus.

 Nasty-arse hives all over my hands and face :(

So, cue much more whinging and another trip to the doctor and she suggested that as I’d had Amoxicillin and Penicillin plenty of times in the past without a reaction, that I might possibly have Glandular fever (?!?!)because side effect of that can apparently a bad reaction to Amoxicillin, causing rashes.

So yeah, they’ve taken a blood test and now I’ve got nothing to do but just hang around, trying not to scratch my hivey hands, waiting for the results. If it is glandular fever , I can’t take anything to treat it so I’m just taking painkillers and gargling with antiseptic mouthwash.

Sexy bedsocks: yeah!

When I'm stuck in bed, I  usually wear these very attractive woolly stripey bedsocks. 

So I’m stuck at home in bed for at least a week feeling a bit mopey and eating only liquids or mushy things. LUCKILY Mum’s on school holidays this week so I have her around playing Florence Nightingale and listening to all my whinging, which is nice....for me.

Around the house I usually wwear these ugs which my Mum bought for me ages ago and while they're not as attractive or branded like the 'UGG Australia' ones, they are the real deal - sheepskin, comfy and warm.

The other advantage is of course, that I have plenty of time to BLOG and SPREAD THE PAIN to all my blogettes through the power of whinging! Sooo yes, there you have it.

I need a distraction from online shopping – which is what I automatically default to when I’m bored and I have access to the internet! Soooo dangerous. So hit me up on twitter with some cheerful diversions, if you please!

WAAAAAAAH! – from the patient.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Minnie Mouse!

So right now I'm at home in bed, being whingey and weepy because I've got a bad throat infection AND my uterus is being a bitch too. On the upside, I've been told to stay away from work for the week which gives me some time to do some blogging. 

These pics were snapped at work last week by my friend Alison who I've recently roped into doing a few shots on lunch breaks to make a change from all the usual photos taken with my garden as the backdrop. She's fast become a very enthusiastic street style snapper and hence you have to excuse my vanity using so many pics for one post but sometimes there's so many good ones it's hard to decide!

I like to think of this as my Minnie Mouse dress: there's something about the giant oversized polka dots that are quite cartoony. Got the dress from ASOS and for once I've blogged a recent purchase in a timely enough manner that you can still purchase one for yourself here if you like.

I like how the ASOS main range goes up to 18: I don't always fit into the 18s if it's a more tailored, non-stretch piece but a good jersey dress seems to work every time. They have much cooler stuff in the main range too. Have started to lose faith in ASOS Curve lately: their stuff all seems to be either safe, boring and frumpy or ridulously unsafe (for plus-sizes - eg onesies, playsuits, mini-skirts) that still manage to be both unflattering and frumpy. 

It's not like I need more ASOS Curve stuff or that I have any shortage of other places to blow my money at, but ASOS need to get their shit together and hire a fat chick to design their shit. That range is clearly not designed by a plus-size woman but by someone who's done lot of market research into what fat women say they want which (I say this having worked for a designer plus-size label for four years) is never what they actually want. 

Bit ranty sorry - I'll blame my grumpiness on my illness.

The denim jacket was a thrifted find from Vinnies in Goulburn which I happened to pass through last week and found a few good bargains actually. Mum was in Mittagong last week too and came back with a leaflet she got there: "The Southern Highlands Op Shop Trail". It's a bit of a guide to all the opshops in the region and I think this means am due to pay the Southern Highlands a visit ASAP! Will drag Mum up there one day in the next week if I'm feeling better.

Isn't the jacket cool though? Have been looking for an old 80s acid-wash denim one forever but can never seem to find one that fits and couldn't bring myself to buy a new one when it's something that you'd think would be so easy to find in an op-shop. The mission took longer than expected though so I was pleasantly surprised to find this one - along with kitsch embroidered details.

I don't know what the 'B' is meant to standard for but it's also the first initial of my Mum's name so I told her it's like the embroidery equivalent of getting a "Mum" tattoo.

So the whole outfit is:

 - Denim jacket - thrifted from Goulburn Vinnies $10
 - Polka dot dress - ASOS
 - Red velour trousers - Shitty Chic
 - Pink leather satchel by the Cambridge Satchel Co
 - Sunnies - bought in a 7/11 for $10 when I was hungover
 - Pink Rose necklace from Sportsgirl 
 - Black Jelly flats by Juju Jellies

So anyway, wish me good health please as I lay in bed and moan and drink lots of hot honey and lemon. It would actually be the ideal week for me to participate in Aussie Curves as this week is a pyjama theme however I don't own any bedtime attire that is remotely suitable for public viewing. Not because it's kinky or absent all together, but mainly just because it involves all of my scungiest old trackies and t-shirts and is suitable for viewing only by family or others who won't run screaming at the sight of me!

See you soon! (Cough, sneeze, moan - WAAH)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

....and pose

So last week I was lucky enough to attend a couple of shows at Australian fashion week through work. You'll have to excuse my tardiness in posting about it: the last week has been a rather full-on one. If timeliness is next to Godliness then I guess I am SATAN.

Anyhoo here is me and the things what I weared:

I only went to two shows: Manning Cartell and Alice McCall. I didn't bother taking my good camera as there was already a considerable excess of photographers far better than me, running around taking street style shots and snapping away in the press pit. It's not like there's any shortage of catwalk snaps on the internets so will leave it to you to go view them elsewhere.

What there IS a shortage of in Fash week street style coverage is fat people. So here is me: filling the void, in my colorful outfit.

The venue was interesting this year. Moving away from its traditional harbourside location at Circular Quay to the retired train sheds of Carriageworks Redfern gave the event a slightly more hip and edgy urban feel. Here's the interior of one of the venues:

Though being an ex-inner-westie (and still one at heart-flathunting round there at the mo) who used to live a few hundred metres up the road from here, I don't know how I feel about the flash Fash pack and their Alaias descending on my safe and grungy old stomping ground of the inner west.

I guess the venue lent it self to some artsy looking street style backdrops. Also it was fun watching all the girls in their silly sky-high heels stumble about on the rough uneven ground of the old warehouses and train tracks. Tee hee.

Mind you I am a bit of a hypocrite. My Dr Martens might look comfy but I wore them here without socks for the first time and they cut my feet to shreds! Shoulda known better: Docs are notorious for being difficult and painful to wear in due to the toughness of their leather.

I'm also wearing my recently purchased Cheong-Sam style oriental top. I've decided that these are due for a comeback. ...What with all the other 90s trends from my childhood coming back into fashion.

I used to love these and was going to go get a pink short-sleeved one made at Paddy's markets (where I got one made as a kid and the same stall's still there charging the same price -$85 to get one custom made to fit!) just like Ginger Spice used to wear, when I stumbled across this at Vinnies the other day for $10.

It fit great and I reckon the bold blue colour looks great with red hair. I don't know what the unwritten rules are on wearing op shop stuff to fash week but given I don't really fit into label stuff, no point trying to compete there! At least vintage finds are unique.

Am wearing it with:

 - Black Shitty Chic skinny leg jeans
 - Purple Doc Marten Eleanor T-bar sandals from Shoes International
 - Pink Cambridge satchel from ASOS
 - Extreme cat-eye sunnies from ASOS
 - Floral Pom Pom headband by Half/Half on Etsy.

I don't have that much to say about the clothes that I saw on the runway: isn't that terrible? I think that Aussie fashion week has a reputation for being more safe and commercial (with a couple of more avant-garde exceptions like the wonderful Romance was Born) but I guess that's what sells.

There were some splashes of bold monochromatic patterns at Manning Cartell though that I loved. Snapped this on Instagram:

Also had fun playing around on Vine which I've only just discovered and realized you can embed. Here's some lil looping vids I made:

You can follow me on there at @genevieve_evie (or follow me on Twitter -same handle)

At Alice McCall I loved the more detailed pieces where she played around with appliqué and embroidery:

Also check out my excellent street style snapping skills here, with the back of Nicole Warne aka Gary Pepper Girl and Susie Bubble's heads:

I loved the Christopher Kane duster coat Ms Bubble had on. She's so cool.

Also here is a blurry pic of consummate fashion plate & Vogue fash editor Christine Centenera. Wasn't even sure it was her til later when I uploaded the pics. She's so teeny it's like blink and you miss her. 

So yeah, that's my fash week coverage for W.O.U. Bit shit really aren't I?

Oh well, till next time, toodles!