Tuesday, April 16, 2013

....and pose

So last week I was lucky enough to attend a couple of shows at Australian fashion week through work. You'll have to excuse my tardiness in posting about it: the last week has been a rather full-on one. If timeliness is next to Godliness then I guess I am SATAN.

Anyhoo here is me and the things what I weared:

I only went to two shows: Manning Cartell and Alice McCall. I didn't bother taking my good camera as there was already a considerable excess of photographers far better than me, running around taking street style shots and snapping away in the press pit. It's not like there's any shortage of catwalk snaps on the internets so will leave it to you to go view them elsewhere.

What there IS a shortage of in Fash week street style coverage is fat people. So here is me: filling the void, in my colorful outfit.

The venue was interesting this year. Moving away from its traditional harbourside location at Circular Quay to the retired train sheds of Carriageworks Redfern gave the event a slightly more hip and edgy urban feel. Here's the interior of one of the venues:

Though being an ex-inner-westie (and still one at heart-flathunting round there at the mo) who used to live a few hundred metres up the road from here, I don't know how I feel about the flash Fash pack and their Alaias descending on my safe and grungy old stomping ground of the inner west.

I guess the venue lent it self to some artsy looking street style backdrops. Also it was fun watching all the girls in their silly sky-high heels stumble about on the rough uneven ground of the old warehouses and train tracks. Tee hee.

Mind you I am a bit of a hypocrite. My Dr Martens might look comfy but I wore them here without socks for the first time and they cut my feet to shreds! Shoulda known better: Docs are notorious for being difficult and painful to wear in due to the toughness of their leather.

I'm also wearing my recently purchased Cheong-Sam style oriental top. I've decided that these are due for a comeback. ...What with all the other 90s trends from my childhood coming back into fashion.

I used to love these and was going to go get a pink short-sleeved one made at Paddy's markets (where I got one made as a kid and the same stall's still there charging the same price -$85 to get one custom made to fit!) just like Ginger Spice used to wear, when I stumbled across this at Vinnies the other day for $10.

It fit great and I reckon the bold blue colour looks great with red hair. I don't know what the unwritten rules are on wearing op shop stuff to fash week but given I don't really fit into label stuff, no point trying to compete there! At least vintage finds are unique.

Am wearing it with:

 - Black Shitty Chic skinny leg jeans
 - Purple Doc Marten Eleanor T-bar sandals from Shoes International
 - Pink Cambridge satchel from ASOS
 - Extreme cat-eye sunnies from ASOS
 - Floral Pom Pom headband by Half/Half on Etsy.

I don't have that much to say about the clothes that I saw on the runway: isn't that terrible? I think that Aussie fashion week has a reputation for being more safe and commercial (with a couple of more avant-garde exceptions like the wonderful Romance was Born) but I guess that's what sells.

There were some splashes of bold monochromatic patterns at Manning Cartell though that I loved. Snapped this on Instagram:

Also had fun playing around on Vine which I've only just discovered and realized you can embed. Here's some lil looping vids I made:

You can follow me on there at @genevieve_evie (or follow me on Twitter -same handle)

At Alice McCall I loved the more detailed pieces where she played around with appliqué and embroidery:

Also check out my excellent street style snapping skills here, with the back of Nicole Warne aka Gary Pepper Girl and Susie Bubble's heads:

I loved the Christopher Kane duster coat Ms Bubble had on. She's so cool.

Also here is a blurry pic of consummate fashion plate & Vogue fash editor Christine Centenera. Wasn't even sure it was her til later when I uploaded the pics. She's so teeny it's like blink and you miss her. 

So yeah, that's my fash week coverage for W.O.U. Bit shit really aren't I?

Oh well, till next time, toodles!

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