Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Aussie Curves: Androgynous

Wearing trousers for a change is my version of being androgynous - along with a collared shirt. I don't do either that often!

These skinny leg velvet jegging things are from Shitty Chic and am wearing them here with a black sheer oversized shirt purchased from ASOS a few years back.

I also ended up scoring a pass to MBFWA with work this afternoon so this ended up becoming my fashion week outfit. I didn't manage to take any photos at the venue today (except for the ones in my Instagram feed that you can check out here) but will try and do some tomorrow- not that I HAVE A SINGLE FUCKING THING TO WEAR. Oh well, I think everyone else in attendance is too busy being insecure about their own appearance to give a shit what the lone fat chick is wearing.

Instead, these pics were around work - thanks to my friend Alison. The ones above and below were taken outside the Downing Centre which is across the street from our office. I've heard stories about people getting in trouble for taking photos there so hopefully noone will come and arrest me! Considering the media scrum that happens outside whenever there's a big court case surely it can't matter?

...and what would an inner-city blog photoshoot be without some shots in a graffitied alley?

Loved the bright splodges of colour on this wall. And the way it brings out the deep red in the velvet-skinnies.

Also check out my gold Ganesha bangle - it was a birthday gift from my friend Norma who is awesome.

The jelly flats are by JuJu by way of ASOS. They've been rubbing a bit though which sucks. You may be able to see the elastoplasts poking out below. Eep.

Anyhoo. Wish me luck with the fash pack tomorrow - am only going to one or two shows as really should be in the office doing work but will try and get some snaps for you.


  1. Love this outfit. The velvet and sheer are great together, very luxurious!

  2. I am bloghopping with you. I don´t know if I am allowed, but I love to be here, so i stayed.

  3. I have those red velvet pants and I wear them with a long black shirt too, snap! THEY ARE THE MOST COMFORTABLE PANTS I HAVE EVER BOUGHT. Love them.

  4. You look brilliant, loving the pants! Oh, fashion week, I've skipped most of this week, thinking I may go in Friday for a bit, just not been in the mood.

  5. Great outift. I love a good leggings and tunic combo. Shame about the jellies rubbing though. :(