Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Aussie Curves: Pyjamas

Oh my god I’m so sick.

I wasn't originally going to participate in this week's Aussie Curves pyjama challenge cos I don’t like people seeing me at my worst but fuck that, I wanna whinge!

I’m stuck at home for the week on doctor’s orders feeling very sick and mopey and whingey. As I mentioned previously, I don't really wear PJ’s. I don’t sleep naked either unless it’s boiling hot: I like snuggling too much. I wear mainly old t-shirts and trackies but always something comfy and stretchy to bed and then I require about ten layers of quilts and blankets piled on top of me to stay warm.

Even in summer I sleep with a couple of layers of blankets. It's something about the security of weight on me. In winter I’m way worse: would be much comfier if a baby elephant could just come and lie on top of me!

So yeah, I’m wearing typical comfort clothing round the house this week which I thought I’d share. Please ignore my messy hair and make-up free face but I don't really feel well enough to get done up.

Rather than trackies or PJ’s I’m wearing top-to-toe jersey. This dress is my favourite round-the-house outfit. I got it in an op-shop for $8 – it was originally from Crossroads. As a rule, I don’t wear tie-dye stuff in public so: shhhh….don’t tell anyone! It’s just so fucking comfy!

In summer, I’d just wear this dress on it’s own but now that it’s getting chillier (even more so if you're just lying round the house all day) it’s still good, I just layer it over leggings and a long sleeve tee. The one I’m wearing here is a stripey v-neck top by Mela Purdie.

So if you can be bothered hearing about it, here’s my illness whinge:

I woke up on Sunday morning feeling like I’d been hit by a truck and spent the whole day in bed. By Monday morning my throat was killing me and my glands were all swollen up (which is weird cos I used to get chronic tonsillitis but then I had my tonsils out five years ago – so how can you get tonsillitis without tonsils?) so I called in sick and went to the doctor. The doctor diagnosed me with pharyngitis and gave me Amoxicillin and told me to stay away from work for a week. Then that night I started to get really itchy hands and by Tuesday morning I woke up to hands covered in painful, swollen, itchy hives and my throat was about ten times worse and to look at it in the mirror, was covered in white pus.

 Nasty-arse hives all over my hands and face :(

So, cue much more whinging and another trip to the doctor and she suggested that as I’d had Amoxicillin and Penicillin plenty of times in the past without a reaction, that I might possibly have Glandular fever (?!?!)because side effect of that can apparently a bad reaction to Amoxicillin, causing rashes.

So yeah, they’ve taken a blood test and now I’ve got nothing to do but just hang around, trying not to scratch my hivey hands, waiting for the results. If it is glandular fever , I can’t take anything to treat it so I’m just taking painkillers and gargling with antiseptic mouthwash.

Sexy bedsocks: yeah!

When I'm stuck in bed, I  usually wear these very attractive woolly stripey bedsocks. 

So I’m stuck at home in bed for at least a week feeling a bit mopey and eating only liquids or mushy things. LUCKILY Mum’s on school holidays this week so I have her around playing Florence Nightingale and listening to all my whinging, which is nice....for me.

Around the house I usually wwear these ugs which my Mum bought for me ages ago and while they're not as attractive or branded like the 'UGG Australia' ones, they are the real deal - sheepskin, comfy and warm.

The other advantage is of course, that I have plenty of time to BLOG and SPREAD THE PAIN to all my blogettes through the power of whinging! Sooo yes, there you have it.

I need a distraction from online shopping – which is what I automatically default to when I’m bored and I have access to the internet! Soooo dangerous. So hit me up on twitter with some cheerful diversions, if you please!

WAAAAAAAH! – from the patient.


  1. Are your feet covered in rash too? Looks like hand foot and mouth disease. ( Not foot and mouth the cattle disease) Poor thing. It's much nastier to adults than kids

    1. I think you may be onto something there Marty. That's what I thought at first too when I googled.

  2. Poor thing! I used to get chronic tonsillitis too and only just got them aken out in 2011. I had glandular fever afterwards as well. Never had the hives though. hope you feel better soon! I enjoyed your whinge slightly. BTW love love love your bed frame!

  3. Thanks Ezmae, the bed is my Mum's - she;s had it forever!

  4. Thank you for your comment, my gorgeous..

  5. Ohhhh I hope you are okay, it looks nasty :( But I still think you're looking fabbo for around the house wear! I'm with in regard to tie dyed, but I must say that dress looks really comfy, can see why it's your home dress! Uber cool bed socks too.

  6. Oh sweety! That totally sucks! I hope you get some sort of relief soon. Have to say though, you're still such a babe even when you're sick! xoxox

  7. ugh you poor thing :( hope you feel better soon