Monday, April 22, 2013

Minnie Mouse!

So right now I'm at home in bed, being whingey and weepy because I've got a bad throat infection AND my uterus is being a bitch too. On the upside, I've been told to stay away from work for the week which gives me some time to do some blogging. 

These pics were snapped at work last week by my friend Alison who I've recently roped into doing a few shots on lunch breaks to make a change from all the usual photos taken with my garden as the backdrop. She's fast become a very enthusiastic street style snapper and hence you have to excuse my vanity using so many pics for one post but sometimes there's so many good ones it's hard to decide!

I like to think of this as my Minnie Mouse dress: there's something about the giant oversized polka dots that are quite cartoony. Got the dress from ASOS and for once I've blogged a recent purchase in a timely enough manner that you can still purchase one for yourself here if you like.

I like how the ASOS main range goes up to 18: I don't always fit into the 18s if it's a more tailored, non-stretch piece but a good jersey dress seems to work every time. They have much cooler stuff in the main range too. Have started to lose faith in ASOS Curve lately: their stuff all seems to be either safe, boring and frumpy or ridulously unsafe (for plus-sizes - eg onesies, playsuits, mini-skirts) that still manage to be both unflattering and frumpy. 

It's not like I need more ASOS Curve stuff or that I have any shortage of other places to blow my money at, but ASOS need to get their shit together and hire a fat chick to design their shit. That range is clearly not designed by a plus-size woman but by someone who's done lot of market research into what fat women say they want which (I say this having worked for a designer plus-size label for four years) is never what they actually want. 

Bit ranty sorry - I'll blame my grumpiness on my illness.

The denim jacket was a thrifted find from Vinnies in Goulburn which I happened to pass through last week and found a few good bargains actually. Mum was in Mittagong last week too and came back with a leaflet she got there: "The Southern Highlands Op Shop Trail". It's a bit of a guide to all the opshops in the region and I think this means am due to pay the Southern Highlands a visit ASAP! Will drag Mum up there one day in the next week if I'm feeling better.

Isn't the jacket cool though? Have been looking for an old 80s acid-wash denim one forever but can never seem to find one that fits and couldn't bring myself to buy a new one when it's something that you'd think would be so easy to find in an op-shop. The mission took longer than expected though so I was pleasantly surprised to find this one - along with kitsch embroidered details.

I don't know what the 'B' is meant to standard for but it's also the first initial of my Mum's name so I told her it's like the embroidery equivalent of getting a "Mum" tattoo.

So the whole outfit is:

 - Denim jacket - thrifted from Goulburn Vinnies $10
 - Polka dot dress - ASOS
 - Red velour trousers - Shitty Chic
 - Pink leather satchel by the Cambridge Satchel Co
 - Sunnies - bought in a 7/11 for $10 when I was hungover
 - Pink Rose necklace from Sportsgirl 
 - Black Jelly flats by Juju Jellies

So anyway, wish me good health please as I lay in bed and moan and drink lots of hot honey and lemon. It would actually be the ideal week for me to participate in Aussie Curves as this week is a pyjama theme however I don't own any bedtime attire that is remotely suitable for public viewing. Not because it's kinky or absent all together, but mainly just because it involves all of my scungiest old trackies and t-shirts and is suitable for viewing only by family or others who won't run screaming at the sight of me!

See you soon! (Cough, sneeze, moan - WAAH)


  1. High five to your new photographer. Loving the photos! You look awesome, loving this Minni mouse outfit. Be well.

  2. Love the photos and I am really love those velvet pants! I have been eyeing them at city chic for a couple of weeks, are they comfortable to wear?

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  4. I have this dress and the leggins, but I wouldn't have thought to put them together. I might try it! I'm totally with you on the size 18 ASOS thing...I have quite a few of the jersey dresses but can't do the tailored non-stretchy stuff.