Thursday, April 25, 2013

My All-time Favourite Vintage Dress

While I’m still stuck at home feeling ill, I might as well dig out these old pictures. I took them about a year ago and never got round to posting them.

You can tell because of all the crazy weeds in the backyard, which happened while Mum was away because I am hopeless at gardening and pretty much let the place go wild. Now Mum's back she’s been sweating it out to keep it all neat and tidy and there's definitely no more crazy weeds.

Anyway, the pics are a bit old but the dress is still a firm favourite. I’ve just started wearing it again now that the weather is getting a bit nippy. It’s this great old heavy vintage knit so is nice and warm – feels like the vintage equivalent of ponte fabric that you get these days.

I think this dress is my absolute, number one tip-top favourite out of all of my vintage op-shop finds. I got it at my old faithful op-shop too – Rockdale Vinnies – with my favourite op-shopping partner in crime – my cousin Kate.

I think it's something to do with the fabulous green colour - it works so well with my hair. I love the green vintage rosey pattern. I also just love the cut and the shape - feel like it was made for me! And the fact that the fabric is just so stretchy, comfy and warm makes it sooooo wearable.

I’m wearing it here with my Frida necklace  from Tatty Devine and Red Docs that I got over a year ago but still haven’t managed to wear in. Docs are such bastards to wear in! They’re the right fit and everything but the leather at the back is so stiff, it totally hacks up the back of my legs everytime I wear them. Still, I keep persevering….

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