Sunday, April 28, 2013

The holiday's over.....

Well my throat is better and my hives have nearly all cleared up so after eight days, I'm almost recovered from my bout of illness. It's Sunday night and after a week off it feels like the end of school holidays, which for a lot of disappointed kids and relieved parents this evening - I guess it is today!

After two incorrect diagnoses of Pharyngitis and Glandular Fever, my illness turned out to be Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease....not to be confused with Foot & Mouth that Cattle get! Apparently infants are normally susceptible to it and although adults can be carriers, it's rare that they get struck with the symptoms but that when they do, it can be quite serious. The hives I had on my hands spread to my feet too and turned into hundreds of painful blisters. Now though, I'm lucky to be over the worst of it!

Unfortunately I was at a family dinner the night before I got ill, playing with my little cousins and it looks like I spread it to them! They've all been struck down over the weekend...just in time for the new school term. Poor things. Hopefully it's not as bad in kids!

Have rather enjoyed my stay-cation…even though I couldn't swallow anything or leave the house. Have just been doing lots of homey things: still getting organised to sell off all my clothes online - I know I've been saying that for ages but it will happen soon – please stay tuned!

I tackled my sewing pile: a chair full of clothes that have been waiting to be altered (some of them have been there for about two years!) so now I have new things to wear…some of which I’d forgotten about.

I had a few TV show marathons…courtesy of Mum’s DVD collection. This means I watched all of Jam and Jerusalem (which I was resistant to at first but ended up rather enjoying – it’s written by Jennifer Saunders who I LOVE) and also re-watched all of The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency. I loved the original books by Alexander McCall Smith and the TV show is even better because it stars the fabulous Jill Scott as the gorgeous Mma Ramotswe AND you get to see all the amazing colours and landscapes of Botswana – not to mention the amazing vibrant costumes.

And then today, on my last day of staycation, I belatedly baked some ANZAC biscuits (which I can actually swallow now unlike last week on the actual ANZAC day), I did some restorative sewing work on my favourite quilt – a hand embroidered patchwork I got in Laos that is falling apart, while having a Luke Nguyen marathon (I have his Greater Mekong DVD for some reason) I've done this blogpost, and now I think I’ll do some hand-sewing on my Banksy cross-stitch. Yes, it's been blissful domesticity at its best.

What does that have to do with these photos? Not much! These are more pics that my friend Alison snapped for me on a lunchbreak at work pre-illness – isn’t she clever? I think they turned out pretty well! I guess one advantage of going back is that now I can annoy her to do more – tee hee. These were taken in a lane-way around the corner from work that smelled of wee.

The outfit I'm wearing here is my Roman Holiday outfit - because of the classic full skirt, the polka dots, the collared shirt and the sunnies. Hence I think it's an appropriate outfit for my end-of-sickie-sojourn post.

I'm wearing:

- Green paper-bag waist skirt from ASOS (about a year ago)
- Navy polka dot shirt from my good ol’ Rockdale Vinnies for $4 worn tied over a black tank
- Black Juju jellies from ASOS
- Pink Cambridge satchel from…..erm, yes ASOS

….and then when I got back to the office I realised that although I had my sunnies on my head I forgot to put them on in the photo! So I roped my boss into taking my photo from his desk, opposite mine. Here is his view (lucky him):

The sunnies, with flying birdy detail may be from ASOS too :-p

Wish me luck going back to work tomorrow. Am dreading the backlog of emails! Hopefully it wont deter me from ever blogging and you'll hear from me again soon :)


  1. I'm glad your feeling better. I love the outfit, it's so cute and your sunglasses are too cute with the birds on them.