Sunday, May 5, 2013

Aussie Curves: Heels

Well this is as close as I get to high heels:

There's a slight incline at the back but they're still a perfectly comfortable height. I'm a firm believer that heels any higher than this are some kind of bizarre medieval misogynistic torture device along the same lines as foot-binding and spine-snapping corsets and that people who think they improve their posture, walk or the way they hold themselves are utterly deluded. 

Of course, I'm being rather hypocritical as these Doc Marten sandals have dealt me a fair share of pain also. The tough leather's been a bit hard to wear in and they've been rubbing at the back. I've found a good antidote to this is to go for a colourful socks and sandals combo like the pink ankle socks I've got on here.

Please also note am showing raw flesh in the leg department. It doesn't happen often: I can't usually be convinced to part from my leggings. 

The dress was a recent op-shop find for about $6 from the Salvos in Fairy Meadow. I went down and spent the weekend with my cousin and op-shopping partner-in-crime Kate and we did our second annual op-shopping tour of the greater Illawarra/Wollongong region. 

There's SO MANY great op-shops down there and they're so much cheaper than the Sydney ones so we got an early start and crammed them all in. Unfortunately didn't score a huge number of finds this time but we did get a few gems. Like this pastel-coloured floral vintage dress. 

That's the thing with op-shopping - it's hit and miss: so you've just got to persist. The denim jacket was another recent find from an op-shop in Goulburn. Love the embroidery on the back!

Here I'm also wearing my new Nicki Minaj Viva Glam lipstick which I got with my MAC voucher from my friends Hannah and Jessica for my birthday:

We snapped these photos in our break in the lunch room at work so here, you can get a nice view of the scungy city flats of World Square in the background:

So the whole outfit:

 - Pastel floral vintage dress - Fairymeadow opshop
 - Denim embroidered acid-wash jacket - Goulburn opshop
 - Floral trim sunglasses from ASOS
 - Pink Leather satchel by the Cambridge satchel company from ASOS
 - Purple leather Eleanor Parade T-bar sandals from Shoes International
 - Pink ankle socks from: my sock drawer (ie. can't remember)

Thanks again to Miss Alison B for snapping these pics :)


  1. Very cute! I've had my eye on these sandals too!

  2. Forget the shoes for a minute. I love your dress!!

  3. That dress is so cute!! The shoes are adorable especially with the socks! i wish I could pull something like this off! :)

  4. I love that whole outfit, especially the Doc's.... I can't till I come to Aussie in just under 3 months time, and plan to buy some of those shoes :)

  5. So cute! I love the whole outfit, especially the way the pink socks and purple shoes reflect the pink and purple in the dress. I totally agree with you about heels, too.

  6. Love love love love this dress!