Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Aussie Curves: (P)Leather

Today I am Snow Queen:

Either that, or I've mugged a professional ice-skater and stolen her costume.

Today's accessories are a tribute to pleather, which I figure is ok for this week's Aussie Curves theme as there's probably a few others out there doing the same. Also it has leather in the word :-p.

I'm officially in love with my spiky back-pack from MadPax and have been known to hug and kiss it in public. So be prepared to see it again (frequently) on this blog.

The spiky bag and my imitation Docs from Raben footwear make up the pleather portion of the post.

Is pleather even a thing any-more? I'm pretty sure that since the application of the word 'Vegan' to clothing was birthed to the world by Stella MacCartney's very clever marketing team about five years ago, it has since gone viral and now applies to anything - from canvas sneakers that never contained 'Meat' in the first place to clitoral and septum rings.

The cheap white imitation Docs from Raben footwear are awesome as they are super-comfy unlike the real thing which I have in red and still haven't managed to break in despite having them for nearly a year.

This is mainly because I can't be bothered applying the 14,000 bandaids required every time I put them on to prevent them shredding my legs apart. Ezmae from Flashionaffair and I are having an ongoing argument about this on Instagram. She insists that they are super-comfy. I insist that she is clearly deluded and insane.

On my head I'm wearing my new Nicki Minaj Viva Glam lipstick which I got with my MAC voucher from my friends Hannah and Jessica for my birthday. Also a ribbed "boyfriend" beanie that I got from ASOS for $10.

Attention must also be paid to my arm-candy. How cool is this giant resin bangle? It's filled with googly eyes that go all googly as you move! I scored it on my recent op-shopping trip around the Wollongong/ Illawarra region with my cousin Kate. It wasn't from an opshop but rather from Fairymeadow antique centre and hence was the most expensive purchase of the day: an extravagant $20. Sigh, I love opshopping.

And finally, the awesome velvet ice-skater dress was from the same op-shopping trip with my cousin Kate. I wasn't gonna get it but she talked me into it and I'm glad she did. Thanks Kate :)


  1. You magnificent lady are the deluded one. Seriously just suck it up, put on like 3 pairs of big socks and get stomping, after a few hours of wearing them around the house you will be down to two pairs of socks and then ready to take them out to the big bad world. I fucking love my docs now, I feel so darn awesome in them. Im not even the type of person that endorsed brands or anything but I love my docs, they are pillows for my souls (feet).

    1. She's right, you know. Once you break them in, they're yours for life! Until then, you could always try some soap and wet newspaper...I've heard that stretches them a right treat.

  2. Ahh I love love love the dress, and the googly eye bracelet is really cool!

  3. Im glad she talked you into that dress cause it is the bomb diggity. Yes, I did just say bomb diggity!
    Appppparently you can now get 'worn' docs, ones that are softer. They are amazing once you wear them in, but they can be an utter bitch to do it. My parents bought me mine in high school, so mine are very much worn in by now.

  4. Glorious always, my dear.
    I am joining you.

  5. DUDE, love that back pack, it's the best! You're like a rogue ninja turtle or something. Haha. I agree with both of you on the docs. SUPER comfy but a bitch the wear in. All hundred years of wearing in.

  6. Your style is super wicked and daring. I love checking out what you're wearing this week. Not disappointed. The ice-skater dress and back pack all awesome.