Sunday, May 12, 2013

Aussie Curves: Time Saver

In the interests of SAVING TIME to go with this week's Aussie Curves theme, there's not many words in this post:

My suggestion for saving time? Don't bother agonising over what garments to pair together when you can just slip on a suit and wear the same pattern all over!

How cute is this green vintage polka dot skirt suit? I picked it up in a Marrickville op-shop a couple of weeks ago and as well as being quick and easy, it's super comfy and warm as it's a great heavy vintage knit fabric.

Perhaps I look a bit too much like the mad old lady  I probably inherited it from, but I can live with that. It's like looking in a granny-mirror to the future:

The sunnies and bag you've seen quite a few times now. Floral trim sunnies are from ASOS and so is the Pink satchel by the Cambridge Satchel Co.

I got these imitation Docs a couple of week's ago from Raben footwear. Yes, they're synthetic and I'm sure they won't last (especially in the white colour) but they're just SO DAMN COMFY. I still haven't worn-in the red Doc Martens I bought over a year ago - they're torturously painful, but I've been wearing these ones constantly since I bought them - they're so comfy and the white colour goes with anything.

Happy Mum's day by the way to all the Aussie women out there who've pushed another human out of your vajay-jay at some point! (but not to those of you - like my Mum - who cheated and had caesareans. You guys are just terrible people and don't get a Mum's day sorry - Spit that brekky in bed OUT).

Anyhoo, I hope you do something nice with your Mum today. My Mum and I are off to Grandma's this afternoon along with the rest of the family to have a decadent cake-filled afternoon tea. HAVE A FAB DAY


  1. CUTE! seriously just chuck on 3 pairs of socks and wear in those red docs! I have finally worn my new docs in and they just make me feel so comfy all day i wish I was allowed to wear them to work! Love the granny dress! I really want the satchel!

  2. For someone who wasn't going to save time and not say much, you still slipped in a vajay-jay reference. LOL

    Great shoes.