Friday, May 10, 2013

Rave on you neon diamond

Yay! I'm so cute!

Here's me being cute:

Here's me being cute again (with my super-mega awesome new Madpax Spiketus Rex backpack):

I'm four kinds of cute in this one with my bindi and pigtails and stuff:

So I grew up in the 90s and am happy to see that my fave looks are ALLLLLL back in again so am basically just reliving my childhood (except this time I'm allowed to buy and wear whatever clothes I want). Spice Girls, Jelly sandals, Pigtails, Bindis, Yin & Yangs, Peace Signs, Neon, Rave culture (not that I knew what a rave was at the time - was ten yrs old in the mid-90s!).

How awesome is the spikey backpack though? I love all the backpacks I'm seeing around at the moment - I used to have a thing for mini backpacks as a kid and I remember the goths in Newtown wearing spikey bags like these when I was little.

I didn't know if they'd still be around but they are! And they're made for kids by an American brand called Madpax that has them in every colour of the rainbow as well as a bunch of other fun styles. Check them out they're really cool!

Now if I could just get an inflatable backpack (along maybe with some inflatable furniture: remember that?) then my life will be complete. 

Another novel aspect of this look are the neon yellow Jellybean flats. Now you may recall my recent whinging about my black Juju jellies that I got from ASOS in their biggest size (UK 8/ AUS 10) because of the fact that they kept rubbing - so why bother getting a second pair you ask?

Well I found another brand called Jellybeans on theIconic although I realised afterwards they also have their own fab online shop which also ships for free. They go all the way up to a SIZE 46!!!!! How fucken awesome is that????

I'm normally about a 42 but I bought the 43s just BECAUSE I COULD and when I first got them I thought they were a bit big, but actually a bit looser is better for this material and they're actually a perfect fit. They are just SO DAMN COMFY and do not rub at all. I adore them and am gonna get one in EVERY COLOUR OF THE RAINBOW. Which I CAN because they HAVE THEM ALL HERE.

They also sent out a free packet of Jellybean lollies with them. Any brand that gives free food along with shoes that actually bloody just gets a million gold stars in my book.

The pink sheer shirt-dress is from Shitty Chic a year or two ago but I still love it.

Draw your attention please to the Yin the Yang Out sweater from hand-printed UK label ART DISCO. This was an accidental online purchase during my recent bout of illness when I was stuck at home for the week. Again - it's a childhood thing with Yin and Yang and Peace symbols that got me googling and I stumbled across this label by accident. They've got a bunch of other cool hand-printed sweaters too. They only go upto a size 14 but as they're mainly all oversized styles fattypants sizes can still squeeze into em.

Keep ravin on:

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  1. I love you, seiously! Such an amazing outfit! I have 2 pairs of Jelly Beans shoes, I now need to add the yellow to my collection! OH! And I had blow up furniture! I had a purple lounge, and a pink chair! I think I have photos somewhere too!