Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Aussie Curves: Metallic


This bolero is a new fave recent find of mine. Another op-shop score, I didn't have to go far for it. Found it at Hurstville: one suburb over from me. While it has a couple of opshops, they're not usually huge profferers of awesome vintage finds. In spite of that, I got lucky this time and found this awesome gold 80s number there a couple of weeks ago for $8.

I have a bit of a fetish for retro metallic fabrics. One of my first blog posts here features a similar gold jacquard fabric circa the 80s and I'm also a big fan of lamé like my purple retro frock here.

The tunic I've got on with the bolero is from TS 14+ and would never have thought to buy one of these myself as their stuff isn't usually my style. It was a hand-me-down from a family friend but I've had it for years and find it to be such a handy layering piece for outfits like this I actually end up wearing it a lot.

I'm wearing it here with:

- Black merino wool tube-scarf from my Grandma
- Black leggings by Gisela Ramirez
- Black creepers from Demonia
- Tunic from TS

Friday, June 21, 2013

Aussie Curves: Bohemian

What I'm wearing (most of it's been in the wardrobe a while and I don't think any of it's still available sorry):

- Velvet leggings from City Chic
- Mustard yellow hi-lo vest from ASOS
- Teal corduroy jacket from Shitty City Chic back when they were still called Big Fat Chick Big City Chic
- Leopard print scarf from Rubi Shoes
- Hat from Brixton (just the brand unfortunately, not the place - where I used to live in London and rather miss)
- Skull boots from op-shop but the brand is Demonia

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

City Chic and Autograph Summer Preview

So today I trotted along to the headquarters of SFG - Specialty Fashion Group, to get a sneak peak of all their upcoming looks for the Spring/Summer season this year. 

For the full look at some of the upcoming styles for City ChicAutographCrossroads and Katies, visit Shop til You Drop to check out this gallery I compiled for them with all the fun upcoming trends. 

In the meantime, here are MY personal faves. Including these FUCKING AWESOME BEETLEJUICE JEANS. 

CITY CHIC: JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY! They're definitely top of my shopping list for next season.

Above: Confetti print blazer with cool zip-waistband detail. Below: HOW AMAZING IS THIS SEQUINNED PENCIL SKIRT???? (Both pieces will be coming into City Chic in July/August.

Some of the fabulous Pin-up girl inspired lingerie coming into City Chic:

Me with my fave pieces:

Here's my full outfit. Yes I was rather rugged up, as today was actually the coming of the SECOND ICE AGE!

Also, Puffa jackets are very on-trend at the moment and I found this awesome psychedelic blue and purple tie-dyed 90s-era vintage ski jacket with geometric applique detail in an op-shop a few weeks ago for $14 and I HAD TO HAVE IT!

Check out the stripey applique detail on the back. I love it.

I'm wearing it here with:

 - Mini skirt by M line from Myer a couple of years ago
 - Black leggings from who knows, I've got a million pairs
 - (Underneath) black sheer oversized shirt from ASOS a few years ago
 - Arabel studded cut-out boots from TOPSHOP
 - Black Rib Boyfriend Beanie from ASOS
 - White rimmed round sunnies from ASOS (that my Grandma informs me look like goggles)
 - Chunky necklace from H&M in London a few years back

Back to the collections, these acid-wash denim shorts from City Chic were pretty friggin cool. I don't know if I'd wear them myself though - maybe over my second skin of black leggings.

Here's a closer look at that awesome sequinned skirt again:

This one's a great statement piece for evening wear: a black strapless full-length gown with dramatic sequinned bustier and peplum.


I love a bit of acid-pink. Especially in a sheer lace top. This one's from Katies which I didn't realise goes all the way upto size 22.

How cute is this peachy lacey/brocadey skater dress from Crossroads? Love the cut-out details. They're really reasonably priced too. I can't remember the exact price of this one but most of their stuff is around the $50/$60 price-point.

This lightweat kimono-style jacket is pretty psychedelic:

I loved the fringing detail too:

This maxi-dress was fun. I liked the multi-colour trim and the padded bustier with studded cup-details. Would be great for a summer festival-look. 

There were heaps of lightweight, patterned cotton trousers on display too from all the labels. These black and white ones were from Crossroads.

Up close it almost looked like a cross-stitch pattern which I quite liked.

That's my wrap! Until next time....

Monday, June 10, 2013

Aussie Curves: Feminine

Being that I'm an op-shopaholic and a massive fan of vintage frocks, a 'feminine' theme was always going to be an easy one for me.

You can't go wrong with an old-fashioned girly frock.

This frock is one of my fave second-hand finds. A perfect fit, floral, pleated, vintage and monochrome - it's a very easy go-to outfit for when I'm not sure what to wear.

I took these photos back in summertime when I wore it sleeveless but it also works in winter with a long sleeve black top underneath for an extra layer.

It came from a shop in Wollongong mall called 'Medieval Disco' which has since changed hands and is now called Stillwater Haze and is not as great as it used to be, but they still have an interesting vintage collection.

It's another acquisition from one of my Wollongong/Illawarra region opshopping tours with my cousin Kate. I got it over a year ago with her twisting my arm to buy it, and have worn it heaps since.

Am wearing it here with:

- Sunnies from ASOS (prev season)
- Skull studded flats from Payless shoes
- Belt from H&M (in London a few years back)
- Black leggings from who knows where - I have many, they are my comfort uniform

Monday, June 3, 2013

Aussie Curves: Spikes

This is my 'War and Peace' ensemble - pretty deep I know. I would explain the symbolism and meaning behind the name but am fairly certain it'd go way over your heads.

With a theme like 'Spikes' for this weeks Aussie Curves I couldn't help but whip out the new fave bag:


The cheap white fake docs are out again too. Uber comfy but not the best quality.

They've started making whistly-farting noises whenever I walk which is rather embarrassing if you're walking down a quiet corridor at work....and someone important is approaching. "Wifffft.....wufffft......wufffffft..." (am basically just handing Ezmae a free shot with that).

I'm also wearing the camo jacket from Shitty Chic which of course got reduced to half price in their clearance sale the week after I bought it, thus reiterating the need for their nickname.

The boyfriend beanie and the peace sign dress are both from ASOS. (So's the skull necklace but it was a while ago).

Am once again having fun with the resurgence of the 90s. I used to doodle peace signs and yin and yangs over all of my school-books as a kid. So when I saw this dress on ASOS it took me back!

You can't go wrong with a smock dress I feel, it is my go-to favourite look for comfort. Plus that whole baby-doll thing was big in the 90s were Docs, beanies, army fatigues.....

I've got my eye on another beanie too emblazoned with 'Commes des Fuckdown' from Fashion-Dacci's online store - which I discovered via Fashion Hayley.

Until next time - peace out gang ;-)