Friday, June 21, 2013

Aussie Curves: Bohemian

What I'm wearing (most of it's been in the wardrobe a while and I don't think any of it's still available sorry):

- Velvet leggings from City Chic
- Mustard yellow hi-lo vest from ASOS
- Teal corduroy jacket from Shitty City Chic back when they were still called Big Fat Chick Big City Chic
- Leopard print scarf from Rubi Shoes
- Hat from Brixton (just the brand unfortunately, not the place - where I used to live in London and rather miss)
- Skull boots from op-shop but the brand is Demonia


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  2. Love it! The bright colours with the velvet leggings rock. I want those leggings!

  3. Gorgeous! You can really pull of those pants! Best thing they ever did was removing the "big" from City Chic!

  4. This is possibly one of my favourite outfits on you! GORGEOUS. Fun and funky, nice job chick.

  5. Lol, I had to laugh at the crossed out "big fat chick". We never had City Chic in NZ back in the "Big City Chic" days, but I always thought it sounded a bit off putting, so glad they changed the name!
    you rock this outfit

  6. Very cute. You look like you're off to Starbucks to write poetry! teehee

  7. Without fail your blog posts ALWAYS make me smile.
    You always looks so bright and happy that its contagious.