Monday, June 3, 2013

Aussie Curves: Spikes

This is my 'War and Peace' ensemble - pretty deep I know. I would explain the symbolism and meaning behind the name but am fairly certain it'd go way over your heads.

With a theme like 'Spikes' for this weeks Aussie Curves I couldn't help but whip out the new fave bag:


The cheap white fake docs are out again too. Uber comfy but not the best quality.

They've started making whistly-farting noises whenever I walk which is rather embarrassing if you're walking down a quiet corridor at work....and someone important is approaching. "Wifffft.....wufffft......wufffffft..." (am basically just handing Ezmae a free shot with that).

I'm also wearing the camo jacket from Shitty Chic which of course got reduced to half price in their clearance sale the week after I bought it, thus reiterating the need for their nickname.

The boyfriend beanie and the peace sign dress are both from ASOS. (So's the skull necklace but it was a while ago).

Am once again having fun with the resurgence of the 90s. I used to doodle peace signs and yin and yangs over all of my school-books as a kid. So when I saw this dress on ASOS it took me back!

You can't go wrong with a smock dress I feel, it is my go-to favourite look for comfort. Plus that whole baby-doll thing was big in the 90s were Docs, beanies, army fatigues.....

I've got my eye on another beanie too emblazoned with 'Commes des Fuckdown' from Fashion-Dacci's online store - which I discovered via Fashion Hayley.

Until next time - peace out gang ;-) 


  1. I know I am not an Aussie, but I couldn´t resit the temptation to join you all, ahhhhhhhhhhh
    Much love, dear friend

  2. Uber cool, love it! Sooo want to see you in that beanie from Fashion-Dacci!

  3. coolest backpack I have ever seen!

  4. War and peace!! GENIUS NAME. Loving this outfit for all the sass and wonderful it contains. Way too cool as usual.

  5. MMmhhmm, you are amazing! OH! I wish they had that jacket (in the sale section) at my local store! I kept eyeing it. LOVE that dress!